frustration, resignation and vigilantism on the rise in facebook posts

Recent acts of vandalism and thefts have resulted in a rash of “not-so-nice” comments at this facebook page.

“The shooting incident on Locust St
The vandalism of the urban garden
The new rash of vandalism on S 4th

“What do all of these things have in common? They all occurred geographically less then a block from the police station…..and everybody’s okay with this? Where is our police coverage?”

We all have to get together and do something about it … and no one knows anything about it this is really crazy what’s going on in our community it’s a shame.”

This makes me so angry because just one day ago, everyone was seeing on the news the best of the citizens of Columbia and now they are going to report something like this happening.

Hang out in ur cars an catch them beat their asses

Maybe the 4 cops I see every night standing around talking for long periods of time inside the T.Hill Experience could patrol the town. Im sure T.Hill doesnt need 4 cops to guard it.”

A similar accusatory comment follows the Lancaster Online article:

now maybe they’ll stop spending so much time putting back coffee at Turkey Hill and patrol like they should.. pretty sad every time I drive past a Turkey Hill up here 3-4 cruisers are in the lot at all times. never fails.”



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