five more facts (and some opinions) | 7/12/17

shrinking schoolsWith fewer students, school officials struggle to maintain offerings and still provide a quality education. Is consolidation a potential solution … ? – Public Source

take the trolleyThe trolley needs riderseblast message from the borough

blight2“‘We’re coming for you’ |Shamokin mayor issues warning to owners of blighted properties”The News-Item, Sunbury

trump“Inside the minds of Trump’s ‘true believers’” – The Conversation

toxicSo what kinds of actions make up toxic leadership? Surely, the blowhards who love to hear themselves talk. The ones who promise the world and deliver nothing … consistently. The ones who always seek the spotlight. Yes, those and “Sometimes it takes an asshole to get an outfit ready for war. Other times, though, an asshole is just an asshole.” This article is about a tactically, technically competent leader who expected his teams to perform. He admits, “I’m an ass who expects you to do your job, and I fully admit to that because I want people to be combat ready.” –

This AZCentral article paints another picture of a leader who intends to wipe away the “good old boy” system.

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