weekend news items | 7/22/17

WEATHER“Mostly Sunny then Severe Thunderstorms – Severe thunderstorms with damaging winds 60 mph or greater and large hail exceeding 1 inch in diameter are possible late Saturday and also Sunday afternoon.”

then nowHere’s the problem when those elected public servants only want to play “revenge politics!” They just want to undo everything the other side did. Doesn’t matter whether it benefits or harms people, they just want to follow the commands of the uber-wealthy who want their ways. The public be damned.

Did you see this Lancaster Online article about the Susquehanna Glass Company’s decision? “3 years after dropping health insurance under Obamacare, Lancaster County company resumes it.”

Or this VOX.com article: “A majority of Americans now say they like Obamacare. That’s a first.”

Remember these REVENGE POLITICIANS the next time there’s an election. Toomey, Smucker, et al.

geographyGeography make your head spin? Then you’ll love this Lancaster Online geography quiz all about Lancaster County. “How well do you know your way around Lancaster County? Take our geography quiz.”

pipelinespills“Sure – pipelines are safe?” | “Mariner East 2 construction has resulted in dozens of spills, documents show.”State Impact


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