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Difficult situations call for difficult conversations

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Columbia Spy‘s insightful chronicling about several issues broached at the Thursday evening school board of directors meeting, “Columbia School Board looks at merger, other options, to address financial woes”, raises interesting points. 

Tax increase was just one part of a web of inter-connected issues, including: declining property values; questions about why people are not moving into the borough; the future of the school district and uncertainty about the countywide property reassessment and that impact on taxes.

reassessmentColumbia news, views & reviews posted information about property reassessment in December.

Questions and unfounded statements about the 2018 Lancaster County Property reassessment abound | An increase in assessed value ought not lead to increased property tax according to the County’s Property Assessment Website.

Q. “My assessment went up. Does that mean my property taxes will go up also?

A: Not necessarily. The taxing bodies (the borough and the school district) will have to adjust their millage rates down in proportion to the increase in taxable assessment in each individual district when they set their new budgets, beginning with the 2018 County/Muni taxes and the 2018-2019 School taxes. The millage rate set at that time will determine the amount of taxes that you will pay.”

But there are many who are quite concerned and perplexed about the inconsistencies they’ve heard in reassessment numbers. Anyone can access the County’s Property Tax Inquiry website (http://lancasterpa.devnetwedge.com/) to look at the current property tax assessment and compare it to the 2018 reassessment rate.

Columbia news, views & reviews looked at a sampling of several properties in the borough and found the reassessment percentages quite inconsistent.

reassessmentClick here to download the above graphic as a .pdf to enlarge, share and or print.

There’s a striking incidence of reduced assessments in more than a few properties on River Front balanced with one dramatic increase.


Friday – 8/4/2017

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oh noOh, no … again those darn trusted staffers!

“Steelton-Highspire athletics treasurer arrested on suspicion of stealing $57,420 from athletics account”FOX43-TV

storage-warehouse-1553550_960_720Cannot help but notice the creeping increase in the number of folks who have storage units and don’t pay their bills. The lists are published in LNP – Always Lancaster and there are more names on the lists each month.

footballColumbia’s football opener is Sept. 1 vs. Octorara, 7 p.m at home.

1st day of schoolComing fast!