Thursday – 9/14/17

lidlYeah, it’s good news that the food shopping experiences are really blossoming. It looks like Lidl will be coming to Lancaster County with two stores – one on Lincoln Highway East and one on Columbia Avenue on the northeast corner of Columbia Avenue and Good Drive. And Whole Foods and Wegman’s are coming, too.

Staid, local grocers will have to step up their games.

documentation1020 Cloverton Drive residents read statement at last night’s council meeting (audio files)”

what columbia needs“Mighty oaks from little acorns grow”

What Columbia Needs Now … one person’s “humble opinion on where the massive change many us us know needs to take place can start.”

UNDER RUGSocial media can be an informative form of “digital intelligence “ | Comments as this – some with long strings – appear at these Columbia facebook pages: What’s Happening in Columbia,Pa. and Area – Part 1 and You know you’re from Columbia PA if….

LIP news notesLIP News: “All White Jury”

position changeLIP News also reports: “UPDATE *** BREAKING NEWS *** RODA DEMOTED?”

magnifiedPositive community communications … MAGNIFIED! | “Red-balloon pranksters spend a merry half-hour in a Lititz jail cell after ‘It’ spoof goes viral “Lancaster Online

ask the candidatesBright Side Opportunities Center at 2:00 pm


18 preschoolnursing home ICSIt’s not the first time! Columbia news, views & reviews has written about this before.

Yet eight people in a Florida nursing and rehabilitation facility died as a result of ineffective leadership.

This facility, and others, are required by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to implement plans and practice for “those never gonna’ happen – but do” events. They’re provided with “internal planning scenarios” (complete with guides); the scenarios include:

  • Scenario 08: Internal Flooding
  • Scenario 09: Loss of Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning (HVAC)
  • Scenario 10: Loss of Power
  • Scenario 11: Loss of Water
  • Scenario 12: Severe Weather

Gee, did any of these incidents happen? Did the facility diligently have a plan? Did the facility practice the plan? Did the facility prepare to execute the plan? We doubt it.

The facility’s Website is still in marketing mode with NOTHING about the tragedy; that’s brazen, heartless and certainly, not communicative. It’s facebook page has been shut down.




  1. That local man on the video says a lot of nothing, likes to hear himself talk. Facebook philosopher. Go to borough meetings and state your opinions, “throw your words out there.”

  2. Funny, was thinking that’s exactly what council and the mayor say in public – a lot of nothing and certainly some like to hear themselves talk.

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