More Tuesday news – 1/16/18


” … New Social Media Platform Pays You to Post”FreeThoughtProject

Like Giant did | “When grocery stores close, this legal phrase can prevent new ones from opening” MarketPlace

Join the rest of the world | “Carrier Employees, Soon to Be Laid Off, Feel Betrayed by Donald Trump” The New Yorker

Ever the role model | “Trump Advocates For Public Service On MLK Day, But Spends It At Mar-A-Lago Resort”NPR

Oh, who to believe? “Stormy Daniels’ friend says Daniels described Trump chasing her in hotel room”Megyn Kelly TODAY Show this morning

seriouslyThis was thrown on our property sometime yesterday, we think. It’ll go into the recycle bin today. Seriously, who uses phone books. Elderly citizens, you say. Really, have you looked at the type size? Most people over 60 have difficulty reading the directory listings in the white pages.

Besides, most people we know, even those over age 60, use smart phones, tablets, computers, Alexa or Google Home to get information.

“These 5 tips may help you finally quit smoking”Futurity

More sad news | Death throes at Southern California newspapersThe Los Angeles Times

Lancaster County is slated for two stores this year |“Prices fall when Lidl comes to town, new study finds”The Reading Eagle

Employment opportunities – and an anticipated position opening – with the Columbia Borough School District. Website

state of the district breakfastKindly RSVP no later than Tuesday, January 30th.
Please feel free to contact Rachel with any questions: 717.684.5249


We hope to see you there!


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