Thursday [the first day of February] – A clean slate month, 2/1/2018

Here’s a response from Columbia’s #1 redevelopment champion, Don Murphy, in response to a post and string at the facebook page You know you’re from Columbia PA if…: “How’s Hinkles since new ownership?”

PRIDE OF AUTHORSHIPThank you, Don and Becky Murphy, for doing what you do and doing what you’ve done in Columbia. Don and Becky are the principals of Cimarron Investments, LLC is a Columbia-based commercial/residential real estate firm specializing in development, renovation, and leasing.

anonymous terrorist

taxes2The 2018 County & Municipal tax list

Manheim Township School District School Board of Directors host “School Board Saturday Community Conversations” | “These sessions are informal, informational, and conversational in nature to provide the community the opportunity to meet representatives from the MT School Board and discuss important topics related to MT schools. The drop-ins take place the Saturday morning between the School Board Work Sessions and Board Action Meetings.”

One way or another – mostly, it seems it’s the other | “Senators pick District Attorney Craig Stedman to recommend for Lancaster County court vacancy” Lancaster Online


Store closings announced | Bon Ton and

Lititz gets another hotelLancaster Online

There’s no difference in the parties in Wonderland | OPINION: “Democrats’ behavior at the State of the Union was embarrassing”The Washington Post column

There’s no difference in the parties in morals either | Schtumping in NashvilleThe Tenneesean, Nashville

Dignity and shame in the UK government | Minister offers to resign for being lateThe Independent, London [NOTE: When’s can we expect this kind of action in Wonderland?]

“Fact checking the Democratic responses to the State of the Union speech”The Washington Post [NOTE: Is it the American Way in politics – everyone lies?]

“How to Build Muscle in 9 Minutes” The New York Times

How lucky we are to have good dining choices in town. The Black Olive Family Diner is championed in this post at What’s Happening in Columbia facebook page: “Decided to treat myself to breakfast at the black olive. All this for under $6.” And the post includes this photo.

black olive restaurant

One comment

  1. Just because one does not like Trump does not make him/her a Democrat. This “us vs. them” mentality keeps people divided.
    Trump’s State of the Union address could easily be called a State of the Divide address.

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