Saturday’s news [Eagles’ parade MVP: chaos makes money; continued disfunction in Wonderland and more] – 2/10/2018

jason kJason Kelce won the Super Bowl parade and no one can stop talking about it WITF

“Making millions from chaos: the fund cashing in on the stock market collapse”The Guardian

“25 Ways Trump Could Show His Appreciation For Our Military (Besides Putting On A Parade For Himself)”Task & Purpose

Don’t let this happen to you, a mind is a terrible thing to waste! Learn to read.The Washington Post

Can it get worse? Oh heck, yeahVOX

The “non-vindication” memo – not now – The Los Angeles Times

Wink, Wink – “Trump relates to Porter because he, too, has been victimized by women spreading vile lies”The Boston Globe

Job seekers – Look here

size matters notWhat’s with the size of the crowds? Why is it so important to have size be the determinant? To POTUS and Eagles fans evidently.  – The Morning Call

AN OPINION FROM A GERMAN NEWSPAPER: “Trump Is Not America | “I’m sure the United States and the rest of us will survive this insane presidency.” – der Spiegel


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