Wednesday [Valentine’s Day] & more news, too: photos from McD’s; parking concerns; canine units – 2/14/2018

Susquehanna Auto Inc. alleges Columbia individual is using infringing mark for businessPenn Record

LEGAL NOTICE | Back on the RFP market – Columbia’s Market House and former Fire Station Lancaster Online

But the Legal Notice is not posted at the Borough’s own Website.

Ready for some disgusting? Somebody told us about this (facebook post about the McDonald’s just east of town) last night.

heartThe Mysterious History of the Real Saint Behind Valentine’s Day Time Magazine

“Post-Traumatic Growth | “How A Life Jolt Can Lead To Transformation”Forbes Magazine

Click here to take the 2018 Pennsylvania Bicycle and Pedestrian Community Survey

Who knew Wall Street was so New Age? We are here to tell you that we have found peak meditation. It’s called transcendental meditation. It involves closing your eyes for 20 minutes, two times a day and Ray Dalio, who founded Bridgewater Associates, the biggest hedge fund in the world, is a devotee. According to transcendental meditation teacher Bob Roth, the practice is popular in “hedge funds, banks, financial services, institutions, as well as media companies and everyone else. Anywhere stress is a problem and the need to be focused and creative and innovative and a good problem solver.” – MarketPlace

Policing the Police: The recent convictions of several Baltimore police officers show what it actually takes to hold law enforcement accountable for misconduct.

toomey flip flopFLIP & FLOP | In a heated and pointed moment at Monday night’s council meeting, the mayor lashed out at citizen Frank Doutrich who asked why the borough doesn’t revive it’s canine unit to help curb criminal actions. The mayor insisted that canine units are not desirable or effective in combating juvenile actions. Four years ago (February, 2014) Columbia news, views & reviews reported this: “Mayor wants dog ‘trained to bite’: At last night’s meeting the mayor said, he wants Columbia’s K-9 to be a dog that is ‘trained to bite.’ H-m-m-m.”

Image result for columbia pa police dogNot real long ago, Columbia outfitted a department vehicle as the canine vehicle, sent officers for special training and used canines as the one above in community events entertaining youths at events. “Columbia Borough Police, represented by Ofc. Ed Mann and K-9 Max, welcome members of the community to the borough’s first-ever National Night Out event, scheduled for 6 to 8 p.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 7, at Glatfelter Field. By Krista Hurley, The Merchandiser”

“My only Columbia complaint …. Freaking meter parking.” A facebook post with lots of comments.

Why security measures won’t stop school shootings?” – The Conversation

“What is your real ‘biological age’, and what does this mean for your health?” – The Conversation

Another no experience pick in WonderlandRoute Fifty

Aha, now it’s OK! POTUS didn’t pay the porn star; his attorney did. – FOX43-TV

“Trump wants to cut food stamps, replace them with boxes of canned goods” PennLive

OPINION: Wonder which of his rich supporters gets the contract for this?


Know about TimeBanking? – Find out more at an Informational Meeting on February 24.

OPINION: A page one LNP – Always Lancaster and this Lancaster Online article has the “story” about the political bigwigs in each of the two most well-know political parties endorsing political candidates for the upcoming elections. We think people ought to be able to make up their own minds and not have others think for them.

“St. Peter’s annual weekly fish fry” Lancaster Online



  1. The parking meters need to go. What a joke. We sure don’t want parking in front of Cola’s nonexistent business. While I expect the street sweeper cop generates positive revenue, I can’t imagine parking tickets covering the cost of the meter cops.

  2. So I’m driving up Locust 10:30 Saturday morning and what to my wondering eyes should appear? Yes, here was Officer Ticket giving a citation for a meter violation. No other cars parked anywhere near this car either. I don’t recall having ever lived anywhere that enforced Saturday hours on parking meters.

    Well at least of some damn fool wanders up town from the riverfront park, we’ll be ready to welcome them.

    • Actually, Ephrata, Lititz, Lancaster, Elizabethtown and one or two other towns in the county do require folks to feed the meter on Saturdays (mostly from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm). Those towns have bustling retail downtown scenes. Several municipalities have metered and FREE parking lots.

      IN ELIZABETHTOWN: “To accommodate vehicular traffic, the Borough’s six municipal parking lots are easily accessible from the downtown and our parks. Most are metered with the exception of the “Free” lot at Cherry Alley and Mechanics Alley, the West High Street lot at Peace Alley, and the lot adjacent to Community Park at Spruce Street and Washington Streets. Meter rates in the Borough’s lots and on-street parking range from $.05/hour to $.25/hour.”

      IN EPHRATA: There are nine FREE parking lots.

      IN LITITZ: We were unable to find an online source for lot parking in Lititz. There’s on-street parking though with and without meters.

      IN LANCASTER: Here, too, we are not aware of any FREE lots nor could we find any in a google search. The Lancaster Parking Authority manages a host of parking garages ( ) and Lancaster Newspapers, Inc. has two garages for public parking. There’s the parking lot across from the Ware Center; but there are charges to park there.

  3. Might as well finish venting….

    The number one problem in Cola is the school tax. Or to be more specific, the poor cost to benifit ratio of the school system. If Cola schools were among the 50 best, instead of the 50 worst, in the state, families would seek to move into the district. As it is, anyone who can afford to owes it to their kids to flee this failure and save money in the process. No, I don’t know how to fix it and unfortunately the borough government can’t fix it either.

    Next on the list, long time residents and officials need to remove their 1950’s coloured glasses. Locust St. is not going to be the thriving downtown it used to be and wishing won’t make it so. For instance, folks need to face up to the reality that the Market House cannot support the traditional type market; there is simply too many other options, Roots, corner farm stands, etc. (Officer Ticket chasing the customers off Locust St. doesn’t help either.)

    One more, the former Front St. fire hall. This is one of those issues that has “the fix is in” look. I don’t buy the idea that using it as the Munical Building is unsuitable due to a branch railroad line that rarely has more than one train a day. This is just one example of “the fix” and I realize it is not unique to Cola.

    This isn’t intended as a laundry list of complaints but hopefully as an open eyed look at what has been my home for 10 years now. None of this matters of course because I’m ”not from around here.” Again this isn’t a complaint but an acceptance of what is true in small towns everywhere.

    Thanks for your efforts and providing a place to speak.

    • Know what, Stinky – We don’t consider your comments venting. Or negative. (Though there are some in positions of elected public service who would!)

      Your observations are valued because you care, obviously. “1950’s coloured glasses” is an apt narrative.

      Let’s keep caring. Let’s keep looking for transparency and truth-seeking.

      • Thanks. As far as my last comment about not being from around here; I realize there things I haven’t done such as joining a service club that help to mitigate the crime. I have started to try and be involved and find there are some great things happening. I was awestruck at the Lyons Thanksgiving food box project and I’m a huge proponent of libraries and have tried to contribute what I can there. Yes there is always hope; never surrender.

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