On Monday [bad idea, fire station for sale, “no more B.S.” and other items] – 2/19/2018

If you’re an Lancaster Online Insider, you can read this article about Pennsylvania’s lawmakers breaking just one more law they made. Reckon it’s because they think they’re special and above the law.

Another fire station for sale | West Hempfield Township’s Fire Department’s site is for sale. The Department will be moving into the – now-under construction and nearing completion – government center.

A slew of MUNICIPAL BRIEFS are published in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster; alas, nothing about Columbia.

bad ideaIt’s a bad idea to decide to look at a car for sale that was advertised on a social media site in another town at night in a garage. – Lancaster Online

quora “What is Quora and Why Should You Care?Quora was co-founded in 2009 by Adam D’Angelo and Charlie Cheever, both formerly of Facebook. Initially, it was mostly being used by people familiar with the Silicon Valley scene. Today, Quora is actually an awesome hangout. Anyone can ask a question and people answer. It is also a mega website. Quora gets around 100 million monthly visitors.”

NO MORE B.S.!emily-gonzalez“‘No more BS’: Pain turns political in Parkland after school shootings” – The Chicago Tribune

After a week of scandal and internal turmoil at the Department of Veterans Affairs, veterans groups and agency employees enter this work week wondering exactly who is in charge of the nearly $200 billion bureaucracy.” – Military Times

Ever see or heard of the 1963 movie movie, The Ugly American? We watched it in the turbulent 60s and it’s message then reverberates in a Quora post about expatriates who say “it was the best thing they did, or that they never want to go back.” Here’s part of the post:

“I left, not because of (American presidents), but because of the American people.

“Any people that deny healthcare to another, simply because they feel that other is not deserving of it, is not a people I want to be a part of.

“Any people that can systematically try to deny rights to others (rights that are guaranteed in their own founding documents, mind you), simply because they don’t like what those others do with their lives, is not a people I want to be a part of.

“Any people that can stigmatize education and revel in their own ignorance, simply because they feel inferior, is not a people I want to be a part of.

“Any people that can continually divide itself against itself, fomenting hatred of other Americans simply for the sake of money, is not a people that I want to be a part of.

“Any people that can care so little about its own future that they can’t be bothered to even vote, is not a people I want to be a part of.”

loser presidentsLong regarded WORST OF THE WORST on the list of US Presidents, home boy James Buchanan – ” … his ineffective presidency failed to prevent the outbreak of the Civil War” – and Warren G. Harding (who?) – “After his death stories of corruption and scandal became rampant.” – may be “repealed and replaced” soon.

OBITUARY | Denver funeral director and “Cabin owner” – Ralph Roseboro

“Windows have been ubiquitous in society for centuries, filling our homes and workplaces with natural light. But what if they could also generate electricity? What if your humble window could help charge your phone, or boil your kettle?” – The Conversation


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