Tuesday’s news items – 2/20/2018 [anonymity, redistricting, smart Mom, “play it forward”]

More police citations Columbia Police Department Crime Watch page

pexels-photo-309701A letter writer in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster letters-to-the-editor condemns anonymous comments on restaurant review sites as Yelp or TripAdvisor. We agree, anonymous comments might be considered a form of digital terrorism.

Can you imagine anonymous voting in elections? Anonymous comments at borough council meetings? Anonymous comments at school district board meetings?


What an absolutely lovely gift! | This in lieu of flowers request “please go and do a good deed for a stranger in Mary’s memory as a way to pay it forward” is a special request a testimony to the life of Columbia resident, Mary Anna Leas. – Lancaster Online

Smucker safer! | Lancaster Online

More on redistricting | According to Wikipedia, There are 435 congressional districts in the United States House of Representatives, with each one representing approximately 711,000 people. In addition to the 435 congressional districts, the five inhabited U.S. territories and the federal district of Washington, D.C. each send a non-voting delegate to the House of Representatives. The borders of those districts are set by the states, and within each state all districts are required to have approximately equal populations.”

nebraska's mapBig area to cover in two Pennsylvania redistricting districts observes Kelly Murphy in a comment – but take a look at Nebraska’s districts. Nebraska’s Adrian Smith is the Representative for Nebraska’s 3rd District which is home to about 605,000 people.

Is Pennsylvania’s new map fair? | Depends on whom you ask. – The Morning Call Allentown

“Women’s March group calls for national school walkout over gun control”The Hill

” … I would take a bullet for the kids.” | “School Shootings Put Teachers in New Role as Human Shields”The New York Times

“As a teacher, shooter drills were bad. Being expected to die for my students was terrifying. – I’d do anything to protect my students. Diving in front of bullets shouldn’t be necessary.Vox

crime watch

Interesting dichotomy | The Columbia PA Neighborhood Watch rejects using the word “crime” yet includes the nationally recognized CRIME WATCH signage logo.”After all, if Facebook is our global town square, then groups are its gated subdivisions, the private spaces where people gather to share information.” But, isn’t crime is a public happenstance.

“A rose is a rose,” said Gertrude Stein. But then again, “A horse is a horse, of course, of course, and no one can talk to a horse of course That is, of course, unless … ”

The brilliance of a Mom on facebook!doorstop Read The New York Post article.

From LNP – Always Lancaster‘s  COMMUNITY CALENDAR: “CEREMONY: Columbia Public Library, 24 S. Sixth St., Columbia will host its ‘topping off’ ceremony to mark the halfway point of the library’s expansion at 1 p.m. Saturday. It is open to the public. Those attending will have the opportunity to sign one of the roof trusses before it is placed on the building. Information: Robin Gamby, 717575-9032 or rgamby@columbia.lib.pa.us.

Emptied Market HouseOne of the photos (used with permission) chronicling daily life in ColumbiaSOURCE: Columbia Spy



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