Tuesday’s news items – 2/27/2018

OMG …this is another version of fake news: “‘I wasn’t correctly telling the truth.'” – The Morning Call – And we elect – and re-elect – these bozos.

POTUS willing to buck the NRA, tells the elected public servants in Wonderland, “You guys, half of you are so afraid of the NRA.” – San Francisco Chronicle

sure yeah

“‘I would have run in unarmed'” BBC

“‘Says the coward who ran away from Vietnam War!'” Common Dreams

In Marietta, the mayor is also the borough council president according to an article in LNP – Always Lancaster stating, “Glen Mazis can take over the mayoral duties, as long as he does not take action on an issue while acting as both mayor and president at the same time.

river debris 2Floating tree moving downriver last Sunday.

at the river“Scenes seen” at the River Park. The signage continues to befuddle those unfamiliar with the exit instructions at River Park. Despite an “ad hoc” trash receptacle, people still litter. Why?

RWNJs’ arousal | Gubernatorial hopeful wants the death penalty for school shooters – “If you go down the list of mass shootings at U.S. schools, most of the killers turned the guns on themselves after killing classmates and teachers. Several others were killed by police, and a few were taken into custody alive.”

“Arm the teachers” – Put metal detectors, armed guards at the main entrance and all school events says one PA elected public servant from heavily populated Pike County. Her news release says, ” … establish a primary entrance that is equipped with a metal detector. Additionally, at least one armed safety officer would be present at all times during school and afterschool activities. If school officials believe they need more than one primary entrance, additional entrances must also be equipped similarly.”

Just like gate entry points at airports, huh, Rosemary?

Equally perplexing, we think, is a proposal in the state legislature that “would give school boards the option of giving trained school personnel — not just teachers — access to firearms” – School boards, right?

“Ex- Harrisburg School District official charged with stealing nearly $180K”Penn Live

LNP – Always Lancaster editorial: “Censoring a student newspaper may be legal, but it’s not right”

What’s really well done? The student letters-to-the-editor continue in LNP – Always Lancaster and they’re well written without the verbosity of the “frequent fliers.” Coloring within the lines of the 250-word limit – Yeah!

Something Americans agree on: UNIVERSAL HATE, DISTRUST, DISGUST FOR CONGRESSThe Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research

“Were you wrongly ticketed?”Penn Live

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