Monday’s news [mural; bad government & more] – 3/19/2018

Guns, God and lousy government – the tone of the letters-to-the-editor in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster.

Speaking of bad government; how’s this for sexist nutjob belief | “Schools don’t need guns because ‘it’s mostly ladies that’s teaching,’ Alabama lawmaker says” The Washington Post

OBSERVATION: When someone’s held office for too long – it becomes an entitlement.

OPINION | “America is getting older. When will Trump get wiser?”The Washington Post

PENCE A HATER? | “John Oliver spoofs Pence family’s new kids’ book with gay-themed ‘Marlon Bundo’ book” –  The Washington Post

Chip in for the Columbia Mural Project!


Picking the wrong idol | POTUS to speak “Duterte talk” in New HampshireThe Boston Globe

Meet DuterteBBC

“Sunshine Week brings Trump’s information darkness to light” The Washington Post

“No CEO should earn 1,000 times more than a regular employee” The Guardian

Division everywhere | “School-walkout unity also lays bare division among students” – Penn Live

TWO OF THE GREATEST LIES: I’m from the government & I’m here to help you AND pipelines spills don’t happen. | “Sunoco spills drilling fluid into Lebanon County creek for third time”WITF

inconsistencyAppears is is who you know! There’s a string of comments about inconsistency of codes application in town at this facebook page.

park rangers



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