Friday morning news [Good Friday; great idea and communications] – 3/30/2018


“‘Mayor’s Neighborhood Week’ set for April 30-May 5 in Lancaster” Lancaster Online

SNOW MAKE-UP DAYS” are listed at the School District Website.

Mixed communication here: The Columbia Police Department’s facebook page shows “Street sweeping will resume on Monday 04-02-2018” and the Borough’s Website shows “Street Sweeping will begin Monday, March 19, 2018” | HUH?

Any “very aggressive marketing strategy” has to begin and continue with consistent, regular, dependable, accurate COMMUNICATION.

Time to quit blaming renters | “Lehigh Valley housing report shows more residents turning to rentals” The Morning Call, Allentown

Renter Occupancy in Pa. Counties 2012-2016

good-friday-austriaGood Friday occurs two days before Easter Sunday in the United States. It is the day when Christians commemorate Jesus Christ’s crucifixion, which plays an important part in the Christian faith. It is not a federal holiday in the United States, although it is a state holiday in some states.” – Timeanddate


“Threatened by youth movement, NRA exploits racial divisions”The Boston Globe

“Next recession could serve as the nail in retail’s coffin” The Morning Call, Allentown

“Capital Blue Cross suspends advertising with abc27 in wake of sexual discrimination complaint”Penn Live

How curious? We’re still unable to find any articles concerning the “sexual discrimination complaint” filed by a former local TV anchorperson at any of the local TV stations using their search function.

Woo-hoo, hoops power, Penn State? wins the NIT!

Disability Pride Day Graphic





  1. I love the mayors commnt about a large inventory of historic properties. Another way of saying Main St is dead I guess.

    Columbia does have some very attractive residential streetscapes but the “downtown business district” is average at best. I can’t imagine any business that could justify restoring the Hotel Columbia and the paying the taxes on it. It’s a bit depressing.

  2. I don’t mean to bash Leo. I think some on the council are definitely wearing the rose colored glasses. After all, it was the mayor who suggested money for youth programs might be more important than new street lights.

    Many things are beyond Columbia’s control however. The riverfront Park is nice but it won’t spur development unless efforts are in place to allow business activity along Front St. that being said, there will not be any successful restaurants there because no one can afford a liquor license and tourists will not return unless they can get a drink. BYOB just doesn’t work for tourists. Not Columbia’s fault but we need to understand the problems not just hope for good things to happen.

    In other news, what’s up with the old Vigilent firehouse on tenth street? There appears to be no activity other than turning the parking lot into long term storage. What’s happened to the animal shelter?

    What’s up with the Shad junkyard on 462. Is the zoning change an attempt to remove the property from the tax rolls or to avoid cleaning up a potential toxic site?

    Maybe they could move the trailers from there to 10th St!

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