Wednesday news items – 4/11/2018

“New Medicare Cards: 5 Things You Need to Know Before They Arrive”Medicare Matters

Constitutional violation? | “Are dog wardens violating constitutional rights?”FOX43-TV

It’ll cost more to feed the hog | “Prices at the pump are likely to be 14% higher than last summer”FOX43-TV

facebook sourc ce

Google or duckduckgo or opera or bing (or any of the other highly rated Internet search engines) will produce much more authoritative results than facebook can if one is a discerning “searcher.”

In today’s “fake truth” environment, people have to be discerning. It’s arduous and tedious to look for “real truth.” We’re finding out that facebook is a landscape that is rife with the potential to misinform and deceive on a grand scale.

To find out, for instance, what the out-of-district tuition charges for a school district are, visit the Pennsylvania Department of Education Website to learn “School Finance within the Office of Comptroller Operations, calculates, certifies and issues Elementary and Secondary Tuition Rates on the PDE-2061 Form annually.” You can click on this link to download the 2016-17 PDF File. For every school district in the state.

Rather than relying on an “I think” comment to a social media post, find out about “The Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit Program, a visit to the Columbia Borough School District Webpage explains that it “provides scholarships to eligible students who wish to attend a participating public or nonpublic school of their choice.”

To find out whether any student not residing in the Hempfield School District may attend chool in a Hempfield District school, the procedure is listed in the School District’s Policy Manual under “Eligibility of Nonresident Students.”

Didn’t recognize the number – didn’t answer the call from 805.678.1617. Here’s what we found when googling the number:

spam caller

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