a non “Customer service” oriented map

Several days ago, the Columbia Police Department posted a “Northwest River Trail Parking Reminder” at its facebook page.

Normally, we are thrilled to re-cast many of the facebook communications from the police department’s facebook page. This one, though, made us pause to consider the message.

Frankly, the message is one of Customer dis-service!

not Customer serviceThe inference on the map posted at the Police Department facebook page is that the green shaded area near the Columbia Crossing River Trails Center is open “park-like” space. It’s not, it’s mostly a parking area. While not designated as a parking area on the map, it is a parking area from Labor Day to Memorial Day … EXCEPT in the period from Memorial Day to Labor Day when it’s a parking area for VEHICLES WITH TRAILERS ONLY! Deceptive communications are not Customer Service-focused communications. No thumbs up for whomever created this communication.

Others, too, have commented about the map at Columbia Spy. And there are the few  who regale others with sanctimonious, non Customer service blasts.




  1. The next Dem elected president better hope they never soiled their diaper or picked their nose. It’s getting ugly.

  2. The honest political says, “We need (gun, knife, drug…) control” but leaves out the stuff in parentheses.

  3. Just to point out the obvious here… the green dot labeled “Columbia River Park Access” has a line to it with all the amenities available, and there is a “P” for parking, therefore designating it as a parking area on the map. I don’t see it as misleading at all.

  4. Well, nice trick, Anonymous … building an anonymous email address. Wonder whether you’re an elected public servant or the designer of the map that is “misleading” because it sends an impression that the green shaded area is a “park” in the traditional setting. Probably 50 percent of the green shaded area is parking or macadam surfacing.

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