Monday, Memorial Day – 5/28/2018

veterans va facebook pageThe cover photo at the Veterans Affairs facebook page shows veterans many forget to recognize: non-white veterans, female veterans and aging veterans.

Too often the ones taking credit, the ones in the limelight are the pretenders, the politicians, the profiteers, the posers, the Pharisees, the fakers, the panderers, the pirates, the frauds and the hypocrites.

This Washington Times piece states “Memorial Day is also an occasion to associate those who died in the just causes for which the United States was willing to go to war. Some U.S. military engagements were ill-advised and injustices were committed along the way. History shows that the injustices were probably greater in actions taken by Washington politicians and bureaucrats than by the military in the field.”

war is hell

There’s a difference! | “The 21-gun salute is often confused with the symbolic act of firing three volleys at military funerals, but these are two completely different rituals. The ’21-gun salute’ is, as the name states, a salute (i.e., an expression of welcome, goodwill, or respect), and in that context the word ‘gun’ refers to naval guns or artillery pieces (typically cannon), not firearms. The firing of three (rifle) volleys at military funerals is technically not a salute but rather a funereal custom, perhaps derived from a superstition of discharging firearms to frighten evil spirits away from the grave, or possibly a recreation of the act of firing three volleys to signal the end of a temporary truce (called to allow each side to clear their dead and wounded from the battlefield). Even when a military funeral detail includes seven members (each of whom fires his rifle a total of three times), this ritualistic act is something distinctly different and separate from the custom of saluting dignitaries by firing 21 guns in their honor.” –

It’s quite astounding, given the access to accurate information using the Internet, that false information exists at all. For instance, the guards at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington, VA share all the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to clear up silly rumors.

… and in other news …newspaper

In 2017, vehicle crashes were down in Lancaster CountyPenn Live

crashes - Lancaster

“The government has created destitution. Austerity has had nothing to do with economics. It was about getting out from under welfare. It’s about politics abandoning vulnerable people.” – Quote from this New York Times article: In Britain, Austerity Is Changing Everything.”

This is a real parade |Everyone Loves a Parade. Especially When It’s on a Military Base.”The New York Times

It’s beginning, the quest for transparency | “USC students and faculty say they want more transparent, ethical leadership”The Los Angeles Times

“Unseen face of the opioid epidemic: drug abuse among the elderly grows”The Washington Post

hops n clocksSOURCE: news release


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