Wednesday’s news items – 6/6/2018

“D-Day, June 6, 1944 – ‘The beginning of the end of war in Europe.'” Penn Live


Like a phoenix | “Worley & Obetz co-owner plans new company in July to ‘make things right’ with customers” Lancaster Online

“2018 summer food program started in Columbia, Lancaster County and Wrightsville, York County.” – FOX43-TV

No kidding – Slimy, disgusting, vile, opportunistic former POTUS | “When something that was that painful is thrown up again after 20 years after it was fully litigated, you tend to freeze up — and it wasn’t my finest hour.” – The New York Times

“What D-Day means in the age of Trump”CNN

Police announce bike auctionColumbia Police Department Crime Watch

Answering the call | Fire chiefs look to growing Latino population to rescue the languishing small-town firehouseThe Washington Post

We’re proud of our Eagles! Not our POTUS. | OPINION: “With no Eagles around, Trump acts a turkey” The Washington Post

Not proud of this A-hole either | “Scott Pruitt enlisted an EPA aide to help his wife find a job — with Chick-fil-A” – The Washington Post

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