Thrusday’s news, part 2 – [falling star; rising star? & more] – 6/14/2018

Fall from a “better than average” major league player | Lenny DykstraUSA Today

At Monday night’s council meeting, the principal of Elite Energy, LLC, 240 Mill Street, Columbia, PA 17512 (and several other business endeavors), Bruce Murry addressed the council. His salient points reminded the elected public servants about the key important aspects about due diligence. Murray, reportedly, has indicated he’s thinking about campaigning to be mayor of Columbia. At the meeting, his messages resonated with most of the citizens in attendance; as he completed his comments, there was loud applause.

Murray’s frank, candid and well-stated comments reminds us of John Fetterman, the former mayor of Braddock and candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania.  And a savvy, no-BS representative of the people.

“Mayors Get a Crash Course on What Resonates With Millennials”Route Fifty

Why don’t these people get it? Another case of a broken school board in Lancaster County | “Broken law, lack of transparencyPA Attorney General news release



Community benefactor PLUS | The Steinman FoundationLancaster Online

REMINDER | It’s Sunday.


TODAY IS FLAG DAY!682_usflags

“Flag Day: See 43 U.S. flag designs over the years; star pattern was not uniform until 1912”The Cleveland Plain Dealer website

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