Want good news? Happy news? There’s a price.

happy faceFrenchman Franklin Loufrani created the ‘smiley face’ logo over 45 years ago.

There are those who want only good news happy news, warm puppy news, “make me look good” news — and there are media resources who really claim they are happy news sites.

Reality tells us, though, that all news resources have costs to operate. So, what’s the business model for the happy news sites? How does the happy news site make money to pay the bills of operating the site?

They use the old Pravda model; they charge for good news press releases. Look at the “Good news sells” facebook page. Operated by AA expose Media, an Australian public relations firm that’ll — for a price — get media exposure for you.

Closer to home, “Our York Media is York County’s good news outlet.”

Our York Media says, “We’re a different kind of local media company. We work with York County businesses, organizations, and individuals to share their stories and news that might not be covered by traditional media. We’re completely digital and offer a platform that’s free to access and free of disruptive advertisements. Our content includes a mix of branded content and good-news community coverage.”

How does that happen? They sell access to many of the good news articles. This article, for instance, has this disclaimer: “Paid for by: Aspire Prosthetics & Orthotics, Inc.”

The old Pravda model mentioned above refers to the old Soviet practice of payment to the media to write and publish favorable news about people or unfavorable news about people.

A couple years ago, Columbia news, views & reviews published this post: “Where do find your news?” and talked about the REKLAMA.

beware the camel

End note: There’s a price and a cost for happy news as well as one for not-always-happy news. Depends which price people want to pay. Be on the lookout for “FAKE NEWS.”

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  1. Time magazine subscribers pay for fake news. At least it’s free for NBC, CBS, ABC, and Fox viewers.

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