Wednesday’s news items [new child care coming to town; library events; coulda’] – 7/18/2018

Page one article in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster (now posted at Lancaster Online) reveals CHI St. Joseph Children’s Health will open a child care center in Columbia “available only to those in the borough’s ZIP code, 17512.” The center, St. John Neumann School for Children and Families, “hopes it eventually becomes self-sufficient,” according to Phil Goropoulos, the nonprofit’s president.

The article continues that the recently acquired building at 401 – 403 – 405 – 407 & 409 Locust Street will be “more than double the building’s size to roughly 18,000 square feet, he said, and will include a rooftop playground.”



Time to quit defending imbecility | “Trump Says He Got Only One Word Wrong.
Please Decide For Yourself.” The New York Times

Well, duh! | “Trump has said 1,340,330 words as president. They’re getting more dishonest, a Star study shows”The Toronto Star

Oh, only a three-quarter million muck-up! Unbelievable. (Oh, wait, it’s government — it’s totally believable.)| “Water tower estimate was off by $730K; official says new cost calculation will not affect pursuit of school district site”Lancaster Online

Auntie Annie’s president knows, “… a lot of our challenges can be solved with clear and concise communication, Transparency is important.” – Millersville University Review, page 35.

National Watch & Clock MuseumOur 40th Anniversary Celebration – A WEEK OF CELEBRATING OUR 75TH ANNIVERSARY”

Lancaster gets “love your block” grantCities of Service

Equal justice? White woman, $92,000 theft – “24 months of probation”Lancaster Online

Regular letter-to-the-editor writer at LNP – Always Lancaster strikes again with a condemnation of citizens’ right to protest police excess: “Believe me, I’ve seen it. So let’s not be too quick to judge and protest.”


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