Tuesday, July’s last day’s news items [lots of events & happenings] – 7/31/2018

Step on it! at Saint Peter Apartments

HDC step on it

The residents at Saint Peter Apartments are embarked journeys across the country in a program designed to encourage and increase physical activity. Read this article in the The Home Front, Housing Development Corporation — HDC MidAtlantic’s quarterly newsletter.

columbia animal shelterWOW! “Welcome to the Columbia Animal Shelter FaceBook page!”

“We are excited to be building a new state of the art shelter here in Columbia PA. Throughout the renovation process, we will be posting photos of the progress both in and outside of the building. Our intention is to re-purpose as much of the old structure as possible preserving history from its status as the Vigilant Fire Hall. The support beams that were signed by previous builders and firemen still remain, and there will be an onsite location memorializing the former fire house using the corner stone that was part of the building prior to renovation. Stay tuned for further updates.”

Columbia animal shelterevent


Now at the Columbia Borough Website!

borough website info

A photo of Columbia’s New Mural and a link to the Columbia River Park Phase III Expansion Planning Survey.


Library Director, Lisa Graybill shares, August 1st is the opening of the Columbia Public Library!! Opening time is 10 AM. We are having telephone line issues. Phones will NOT be available until at least Thursday, August 2. Multiple people are working on this issue.

7-31 sahds

8-2 McNaughton

rivertown hopsOn Saturday, “Rivertown Hops is an annual fundraiser for the Susquehanna Valley Chamber of Commerce in their mission to preserve and strengthen the Susquehanna Valley’s business and tourism environment by improving programs and services which promote civic, cultural, business, and economic growth and development.” This and more information here: https://cdm.ticketleap.com/rth/



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