UPDATED | Monday’s news items [School starts; fishing tournament canceled; equality & more] – 8/20/2018

CABAN“Cynthia Caban, 27, of Columbia, was charged with aggravated assault, burglary and criminal conspiracy after a Lancaster Township home invasion Saturday.” – SOURCE: Lancaster Online

Police seeking accomplice | ” … Columbia woman charged with beating female in Lancaster Township home invasion”Lancaster Online

boy walking to school School’s back in session beginning today – drive extra cautiously!

A page one article in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster reports, “First-graders will receive a laptop as the district expands its one-toone program to grades one through 12. New building leaders include Chris Patterson, assistant principal at the elementary level, and Robert Kedney, assistant principal at the middle and high school levels. Kedney also will serve as the director of extracurricular activities.”

Canceled | “The Directors have decided to cancel the upcoming fishing tournament “Catch the Fat Cat” on Saturday, August 25th from 3 PM – 12 AM in the Columbia River Park. This is due to the uncertainty of water flow, weather and possible contaminants in the Susquehanna River. Safety of all boaters and shore fisherman is our priority for a successful tournament.” – email news release

first daughter

The irony of independence | The lines below are from the book, “America’s First Daughter, a historical novel recreating the life and recollections of Thomas Jefferson’s first born daughter, Martha. In the book, the authors used original writings to craft a vibrant painting of the times. During a conversation between the pre-Presidential Jefferson and a relative Thomas Rudolph, this exchange is relevant to today as well:

Jefferson: “We must endure criticism if we’re to honor the spirit of independence.

Randolph: The spirit of independence! Every man who bore arms in this revolution now considers himself on the same footing as his neighbor, I tell you Jefferson, the spirit of independence has been converted to the abominable idea of equality.”

Irony | Not all Virginians, nor Americans of that era (or this era), really believed that everyone was equal — note the bitter response of Randolph as he saw that the “rabble” would be on the same footing as his neighbor.

Toomey brags about himself | In his weekly newsletter he brags that he’s featured in a publication with a conservative bent; the article states “he began drafting a plan for the unified GOP government to undo just about all of President Obama’s domestic legacy.” Helluva’ legacy being a suck-up to this POTUS. Wikipedia says this 45,000 circulation reaches “high-earning and highly educated audience … and a large percentage earning over $500,000 annually, likely to be working in executive or senior management positions” (not exactly the folks seen at trump rallies).

fool me

Ain’t buying it, padre | “Bishop: Church today ‘not the church’ of grand jury report”WTOP.com

Buying this truth, though! | “‘Let’s call them what they truly are, crimes’: one Diocese of Harrisburg priest’s message”Penn Live

Misinformation | A letter writer in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster states that he came upon stats and demographics that show “The Columbia census shows 10,400 people. The borough has a senior center and a swimming pool.” That pilgrim needs to vet where he gets his information.

Truth isn’t truth | According to Giulani in this Meet the Press two-minute segment.

Most recent Land Bank meeting minutes (April, 2018) | Item:

“The Board approved a Resolution authorizing acquisition of 309-315 Locust Street, Columbia, subject to the terms of the Agreement with the Borough of Columbia and Columbia School District. Mr. Sternberg reviewed photos and details of the two properties, Hotel Locust and Hotel Columbia, in an onscreen presentation. Columbia Economic Development Company (CEDC) has requested the Land Bank Authority take ownership of the properties from CEDC for redevelopment, as they have been unsuccessful in their marketing efforts over past few years. Mr. Jim Eby, Board Chair, provided more insights on the buildings’ condition and potential. He noted that behind the facades, there did not seem to be any historic fabric of interest. He provided insights on the buildings adjacent to the two hotels. Finally, he said that in his opinion, it would be an appropriate project to pull into the Land Bank. He answered a question from Mr. Robinson regarding the nearby location of the earlier-mentioned building with the missing façade. The motion to approve was made by Mr. Robinson, second by Ms. Lyon Slaymaker, and unanimously carried. (A copy of said Resolution [Apr 18 #3] is attached hereto, and made a part hereof).
NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, by the Board of the Lancaster County Land Bank Authority that:
1. The Land Bank is hereby authorized to acquire 309-315 Locust Street, Columbia, PA;
2. Acquisition of this property will be contingent on Land Bank funding, and approval by the Borough of Columbia and the Columbia School District;
3. The Executive Director of the Land Bank is hereby authorized and directed to execute all documents on behalf of the Land Bank which may be necessary or desirable to further the intent of this Resolution.


  1. The old hotels would be a GREAT place to open a shelter. You could have an overnight shelter like Columbia already has on the first floor. The second floor could be offices for community outreach programs like CAP and WIC. The rest could be short term housing where ppl could stay for 6-12 months to get on their feet. It could be rooms or small apartments. I truly believe this would show the community that our ppl come first and that ppl care and they are not alone when tragedy or something happens that causes ppl to be homeless. One floor should also be for ppl who have sons over age 14 as their are currently NO shelters in Lancaster County that will accept a Mother with a son who is over 14.

    • Agree that a shelter is a needed entity. And we agree that people must come first.

      But the idea will be a tough sell to many sectors in town. Bringing either of these structured into habitable use will be quite an expensive project and we do not see that being a project the municipality is likely to embrace.

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