Tuesday’s late evening news items – 10/9/2018

last night

Last night’s council meeting / public hearing attracted just under four dozen people; about half of the starting audience remained at the end of the meeting that began at 7:00 pm and ended at 10:35 pm.

The meeting agenda is here: 10-8-18 Preliminary Borough Council Meeting Agenda.

Lots of questions and observations (about sidewalks, raw sewage, apartment inspections, codes violations, the McGinness airfield property [removed from the borough’s property of interest list], high density occupancy in a low density part of town, transparency, the street sweeper, who paid for the fence — and repairs — along Heritage Drive, personnel conduct and more) were posed by citizens and property owners; not every question got a direct answer.

The 717 Club transfer of a license hearing resulted in a unanimous council vote to disapprove the owners transfer from a bing your own bottle club license to a Catering Club (CC) Liquor License. 

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  1. The liquor laws in this state are beyond comprehension and terribly unfair. Why shouldn’t Rosie’s, The Spot, Black Olive, or anyone else be denied a license. Now we have a whole new way of getting in the game by becoming a brewery.

    The BYOB thing is interesting too. As I see it an establishment cannot deny you the right to drink on the premises unless they have a policy (written) against it. I may take a beer with me next I go the antique mall. Turkey Hill for sure; wanna come along?

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