January 8 council meeting agenda and DRAFT minutes

The agenda for the first council meeting of 2019 is posted at the Borough Website.

meeting agenda

1-8-19 Columbia Borough Council Meeting Agenda 

So, too, are minutes — that appear to be DRAFT minutes — for approval. This signals a change from the 2018 practices.

1-8-2019 Agenda Items 8a-8h Minutes for Approval

Not yet posted is the Council Packet; at the end of 2018 the Borough did post those documents: 11-12-18 Council Packet

Among the extensive list of agenda items for the January meeting agenda are these items of interest:

  • Update on Social Media implementation
  • Update on Live Streaming of Borough Council Meetings
  • Consider resignation of Steve Kaufhold, Columbia Borough Code Enforcement Manager
  • Consider appointment of existing employee to the position of Interim Code Enforcement Manager, effective January 9, 2019
  • Consider removal of Resolution No. 18-24 from the table
  • Discussion of Resolution No. 18-24: A resolution of the Borough Council regarding protocols for elected officials conducting business and rules of decorum for public meetings.

“Citizens are encouraged to attend council meetings.

“Residents and taxpayers of the borough have the right to comment on matters before or matters of concern before council (Section 710.1 of the Sunshine Act) during the public participation segment during the public comment portion of all regular and special meetings.

“If a resident needs a reasonable accommodation to attend the meeting then he should contact the borough secretary no later than three days’ in advance so the borough can make the accommodation for him to attend the meeting.

“The president shall review the rules of meeting decorum with council and the citizens and copies shall be provided in the chambers at every council meeting.

“Residents and taxpayers of the borough wishing to address council must state their name and addresses for the record.

“A resident of the borough or taxpayer of the borough has the right to address council via the president subject to any time limit established by council.

“The president shall be the spokesperson for council and he may ask questions to council
members or may refer the question to a committee to research.

“There shall be no interruptions when a member of the public has been granted the floor by the president of council.

“The president of council cannot turn off the microphone or remove a citizen because he doesn’t like his comments about council or the staff.

“The president shall attempt to answer questions during the public comment period, however, if he needs more information then he should note the question and tell the citizen that he will refer it to a committee and respond to the speaker at a future date.
If the meeting is running long and there’s still a crowd who wants to speak then the president shall schedule a special meeting to take further comments per the Sunshine Act.| – (SOURCE: ANY BOROUGH COUNCIL SAMPLE RULES OF ORDER, Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs)

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