Let’s look at the ordinances that were discussed at Tuesday’s Council meeting

ordinancesAt the center of attention at the Tuesday night borough council meeting was the issue of the increased property tax for home owners and business property owners and a re- visitation of the lock box issue. The lock box issue was tucked into the fire department consolidation ordinance last year.

It came up again when a business owner questioned several councillors about lock box installations at their properties. One question is: What qualifies as a structure that needs to have a lock box installed? What is defined as a business in the ordinance.

A statement was made by one councillor that someone from the codes department said a lock box was not needed at a “cottage industry” site. Another councillor said he’d been offered an extension on the installation beyond the installation deadline.

Here’s the part of the ordinance that addresses the lock box system:

fire ordinance The ordinance does not stipulate the installation of the brand of lock box to be installed, rather it says: fire chief selectsHow convenient is it when the Knox Lock Box Company helps fire departments convince their municipalities to write ordinances and to create monopoly conditions?

“Many fire departments using the Knox System have been successful in passing a city ordinance to help implement a public safety program for rapid entry. Knox offers guidelines and sample ordinances to help other interested departments gain ordinance approval. Guidelines include:

  • Using Knox as a Resource
  • Would a Key Box Ordinance be Helpful?
  • How to Structure an Ordinance
  • Winning Ordinance Approval”

And then there’s the highly controversial ordinance adopted in March of 2018.

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