Wednesday’s news items [Amish PAC; state of the …; bad check; not-amazing; Social Security share of retirement] – 1/23/2019

Community organizers | “How an ‘Amish’ PAC Tried to Mobilize the Old Order Community” – Franklin & Marshall College

O-o-o-h | Bad check to the borough and vape theft  and other Columbia Police Department CrimeWatch reports.

amazing (1)

Spot on, Shelly! | “Amazing” is over-used and should be dropped from any thinking person’s vocabulary.

Great fb group | Fixing York: “All are welcome to join this group and post or get into discussions about the future of York – how to fix problems or improve the city. The City of York, Pennsylvania, its schools and its community face significant challenges, but plenty of residents have the ideas and commitment to improve the city’s future. This group was created so people from the city and around York County can talk about what works and what doesn’t, and offer possible solutions. The group was created as part of an ongoing series by the York Daily Record.”

“We are a special city, and we need to be better.” | From Diane Sorace’s state of the city speech.Lancaster Online


Wouldn’t it be a good idea? | For Columbia to have a state of the borough annual report to its citizens?

Idea that works! | Mount Joy will have its “first Mount Joy Festival of the Arts” this weekend.Lancaster Online

“People Aren’t Walking More | But More Pedestrians Are Getting Killed.”Route Fifty

Social security | A commenter at last night’s council meeting shared an impression about the share of social security income for persons receiving a social security payment. Indeed, according to the Social Security Administration Website. “Social Security benefits are the foundation on which you can build a secure retirement. The three major elements of your retirement portfolio are:

  • Benefits from pensions;
  • Savings and investments; and
  • Social Security benefits.

Reality, though, is that not everyone has the ability to fall into that model. Catastrophic medical expenses, job loss and other life happenstances can have dramatic impact on “Social Security as a Share of Retirement Income.”

Retirement | “What It Costs to Retire Comfortably in Every State”24/7 Wall St.  | In Pennsylvania the estimated annual retirement costs are $42,754. Other metrics:

  • annual earnings for 65+ households: $22,765 (11th lowest)
  • annual homeownership costs for seniors: $14,796 (25th highest)
  • residents 65+: 17.8% (7th highest)


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