Monday’s news items, part 2 [“scenes seen” yesterday and over the past week; government job growth & more] – 2/18-2019

2At the Veterans Memorial Bridge Island Gateway by The Bridge, scores of new bricks — tributes to local men and women who served in the United States military — have been installed.

5Columbia’s smokers, who are careless litterbugs, show no reverence for the Veterans Plaza.

3The harshness of wind and elements show no regard either as tattered flags bear evidence.

fishSaw this fish out of water on 462 just off the Veterans Memorial Bridge Island Gateway. The little, about 9 or 10 inches, fellow must have been a heckuva’ jumper.

6The Bridge beckoned and about 250 or so steps across we saw the omnipresent discarded Turkey Hill container half filled with iced tea or ???. 

river bridgeAs folks are contemplating connecting the Northwest River Trail and the Lower Enola Grade, wouldn’t it be great to have a trail along the river … or construct a bridge about paralleling the shoreline for several hundred yards? 

7The “comeback” view.

Bridge-view of newly-defined parking for River Trail parkers. Notice one of the designated areas is wide-open while the other has parkers. 

food giveaway

“private prosperity would lead to a larger public sector” | That line from this Washington Post OPINION column about John Kenneth Galbraith’s 1958 book, “The Affluent Society”, is sadly true.

government employment creep | ” … the growth of government has been sufficiently gradual over the past 50 to 100 years that most Americans today probably believe that this is the way government in America ought to act and has always acted.”– The Foundation for Economic Education

This is freedom? | “Florida sixth-grader charged with misdemeanor after refusing to recite Pledge of Allegiance” – The Washington Post

in it for me | McConnell: “always (willing) to do anything and sacrifice any principle to amass power for himself”The New York Times OPINION

“‘Amish taxis’ | The new alternative for buggies in Lancaster County”The York Daily Record





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