Wednesday’s news items [Columbia’s girls basketball all-stars; FREE stop smoking classes; sparse turnout; Quit smoking & more] – 3/6/2019

Columbia All-Stars | Janeah Neal was named to the 2019 LL League Girls Basketball All Star first team and freshman Mackenzie Burke was accorded honorable mention status. Both are highlighted in this Lancaster Online article.

Revised meeting schedule | The borough’s revised meeting schedule is in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster‘s LEGAL NOTICES.


Are all politicians or are all smarmy people politicians? | What? Party standard-bearers on both sides doing dastardly deeds. We have a Republican district attorney riding around in an expensive leased vehicleon your dime. We have a POTUS employing his family members and cronies in the swamp … on your dime. We have the look-alike candidate on the other side the Clintons are accused of nepotism, dishonesty and vindictivenes” … on your dime.

Why does this self-serving ilk continue to bleed citizens to satisfy their “rules don’t apply to me” cravings? | Because we allow them to do it. This year, vote them out. Let’s start with a clean slate.

Who didn’t know this? | “Find Trump’s academic records and help bury them.”The Washington Post

Cleaner Wrightsville | Doesn’t want large trash items on the curb for weeks; the borough is working on its trash collection issues.Lancaster Online

Sparse showing | Fewer than a dozen citizens attended last night’s Council’s “work session” meeting last night; media sources from Columbia Spy, Columbia news, views & reviews and LNP – Always Lancaster constituted nearly 20% of the gallery. All the councillors attended; the mayor was absent. Borough Manager Rebecca Denlinger video recorded the session; this is the second “successful” video recording. Denlinger said the February 26 Council meeting recording was reviewed and the video and audio quality was acceptable. At some point in the future, the recordings will be “live-streamed” and placed on the borough website. We wonder whether even fewer citizens will attend meetings in person then.

autonomous (on the ground and in the air) vehicles | Pittsburgh’s got guidelines for driverless on the ground vehicles and at last night’s meeting, an agenda item was : “Discussion of regulations regarding Drones.” Columbia’s in the process of drafting guidance for its unmanned (in the air vehicle) drone.

Then — now | “The volunteer firefighter, an icon of American life, struggles to survive in Pennsylvania”The Lebanon Daily News

Terroristic threats | with a weaponColumbia Police Department CrimeWatch 


Cool store | “Food-enhancing combinations endless at Olio Olive Oils & Balsamics in Lititz”Lancaster Online

This car is “crazy” | “The fastest road car in the world revealed – and it’s electric”BBC

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