Friday’s news items [protected finger; new Colonial Metals owner; micromanaging wannabe’ judge sues to interpret the law his way& Where’s the money? & more] – 3/15/2019

black ribbon

49 dead “no one is safe” | Terrorist attack in New ZealandStuff New Zealand

government meetings should be livestreamed | mass murder should notThe Guardian

where eid the money go

EDITORIAL | The Middletown Press & Journal asks: “If $1.1 million isn’t missing, then tell all of us where it is.”

“an old company …  run in an old way” | New owners talking about Colonial MetalsLancaster Online

“Fix a leak” week | Pennsylvania Utilities Commission highlights the importance of safe drinking release

Ouch, you’re stepping on my pouch | DA’s lawsuit against the CountyLancaster Online


Micromanagement = failed leadership | “Lancaster County DA Craig Stedman, amid controversy, requires staffers to sign confidentiality agreement” :Lancaster Online

desperate times | Status Anxiety and the Scam Economy: In a stratified society, people will do desperate things to seem successful.”The New York Times [The DA fits into this model.]

Good-Bye Electoral College? | Popular vote movement gaining steam”Salon

420 – 0 | Unanimous House vote: Mueller report to be made public The Guardian

FBI flaunting, too | “Taxpayers taken for a ride when FBI ignores vehicle abuses” The Morning Call

middle finger

One of these | is protected by a federal appeals courtUS News & World Report

LEGAL NOTICE | Published and posted at the Borough Website and at Lancaster Online: Columbia Borough materials for Columbia Borough 2019 Street Improvements.

Applause | Toomey steps up but Smucker doesn’t WITF

“eccentric” negotiation | Kim Jong Un, you’re not the only one who’s confused by this administration’s eccentricities.The Los Angeles Times

Try it; they say it works! | The “pull-apart” pineapple – Twitter Tweet

go to yale“Here’s how Boston investigators uncovered what’s being called the biggest college bribery scam in history” The Boston Globe

poorest renters | wrestle with largest shortage of available and affordable housing – Route Fifty

I-83 southbound | road construction: Repair, Pave 6.9-Mile Section of I-83 in York County; Nighttime milling and concrete repairsPennDOT

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