Saturday’s news items [lice; legal notices & more] – 3/30/2019

Exactly | This comment follows a Penn Live article “Man involved in York County golf course incident in 2018 speaks out about calling the cops”: “Why would this guy speak out now? Everyone moved on. At best, he’s an old curmudgeon. At worst, he’s a racist. Undoubtedly though, even at 65 years old he’s unwise.”


“Devils in the details | the return of the gargoyle” – Comment

lice advice

facebook post | Lice: Mom saysWhat’s Happening in Columbia, Pa. and Surrounding Area facebook page

“Taxpayers Are Very Confused” | They’re complaining, but “IRS data show that average income-tax refunds are closely tracking the average refund from last year.”The Atlantic

Sticking to their high(?) moral grounds | “Unwed, pregnant Pa. teacher could have avoided being fired by agreeing to marry, Catholic officials say”Penn Live

Columbia was just one | “Wolf Administration Tours Blighted Properties, Outlines Benefits of Restore PA for Northampton County”news release

Shooting a sleeping man | Modern policing? The Guardian

Advice to DA’s on becoming a judge | “He enjoys supporting people that he likes and he enjoys taking on people that he doesn’t like, and as a judge, you can’t do that,” said former Lehigh County Judge Emil Giordano about that county’s DA seeking a judgeship. Sound advice for a local DA, too. – The Morning Call

legal noticesLegal notices | posted at the Borough’s Website and published in today’s LNP_ – Always Lancaster.

“‘Smart’ public hearings | scheduled on UGI’s $71 million rate hike” The Morning Call

“lost confidence in democracy”: be careful what you wish for | ‘We’re in the Last Hour’: Democracy Itself Is on Trial in Brexit, Britons Say”The New York Times

Yeah, DIC | ” … then listen to the commandant of the Marine Corps.”The Los Angeles Times

Hope for US dairy farmers | “Can the world quench China’s bottomless thirst for milk?”The Guardian





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