Friday’s news items [transparency press conference; drones; sex abuse victims; younger ideas & more] – 4/12/2019

Watch yesterday’s press conference about transparency and a district attorney’s wanting to be non-transparent.

drones for schools | “Carlisle School Board may consider revising trespassing policy to include drones”The Carlisle Sentinel

One of Lancaster County’s “‘Invisible’ victims” | “Survivors of sexual abuse by nuns demand to be counted”WHYY

Why not younger people? | “A coalition between generations could just be the missing piece of infrastructure that our social movements (including comprehensive planning).”Pacific Standard 

lititz skate park“The new design was developed through several meetings with Lancaster County Skateboard Association, 5th Pocket Skateparks, and area skateboard enthusiasts, held at the Lititz recCenter.” – PHOTO SOURCE: The Lititz Record Express

Skate Park raises bar | In Lititz: “New skatepark design unveiled” 


Thinking aloud (allowed)  | Recently we had a conversation with a resident , the citizen offered a terrific suggestion that bears more discussion. “Why not use the McGinness property as Columbia’s recreation area?”

H-m-m-m, interesting thought. Anyone who’s ever been to Springhettsbury Township’s Park in York County has seen the incredible usage it gets; it’s got courts, play areas and an amphitheater for concerts that attract hundreds of people each week. Its 2019 schedule is not yet posted.

Lancaster County’s other larger boroughs have skate parks, swimming pools and lots multi-generational recreational activities for its residents and guests.

Imagine a recreational site featuring a skate park, swimming pools, trails, courts and and more activities and opportunities for multi-generational use. The new River Park Plan Phase III plan incorporates attributes as: The Heritage Walk and Heritage Story Wall; The Riverwalk; Pavilion and Welcome Plaza; The Great Lawn; The Gardens; Creative Play Space; The River Steps; Woodland Paths; Amphitheater, Stage and the Ford; The Bridge, the River Hammock and the River Steps; Boardwalk and Interpretative Area.

Absent, though, are courts, a skate park and a swimming pool. And a real community feel.

We know, there’ve been insinuations about the hazardous materials that, purportedly, exist on the property, but as far as we know, citizens have not been privy to those reports. There’s been little real discussion that involves citizens and while digital surveys do give a glimpse into citizen and user sentiment, there’s been little face-to-face conversation.

Reading through some of the other communities comprehensive planning processes, we found phrases like these:

“Engagement of the children / youth as the ideas move forward.”

“Ensure community/neighborhood amenities for individuals of all ages, including older adults – the concept of ‘aging in place’.”

“Bringing the individuals with special needs into the fold, going beyond traditional means.”

Do community “listening sessions” held in the same venues with the same audiences really get to the root sensitivities of citizens? Are all demographic slices being being exposed to planning? Is everyone being invited to the party? Is thinking “aloud allowed?” 

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  1. Apparently, it’s cheaper to have kids skateboarding on streets. Remember when the mayor said they needed to find 15,000 for some sort of weight room/gym for the young people to use. Did they ever find that money? They’ll spend that much on Christmas lights. Priorities and agendas. A river with no swimming and no community pool either.

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