Saturday’s news items [Free booze for swamp critters; Council’s work session agenda; Movies under the Stars; summer music & more] – 5/4/2019

Generational insight | Two letters-to-the-editor in today’s LNP – Awyays Lancaster are demonstrative of a widening gap in thought. One, another of the those representing the base readership (older, evangelical RWNJ), praises POTUS: “It was prophesied 10 years ago that Donald Trump was going to become our president.” Another, apparently from a different demographic writes: “A warning to the church: Banging the same drum of an outdated theology, over and over again, will only cause people to plug their ears and walk away from the noise, and that has happened in big numbers and there is no end in sight.” AMEN.

FREE booze | “A special government credit card for Mar-a-Lago. Taxpayers foot the costs — and the president profits.”ProPublica

Hammering out details | The agenda for Tuesday night’s borough council work session meeting contains the documents defining elected public servants’ actions; defining actions for abandoned vehicles; short-term rentals and H.A.R. B activity.

Columbia entertains | Movies Under the Stars facebook page notes:

2019 MOVIES UNDER THE STARS – Two awesome movies have been planned for 2019. Mark your calendars for Friday, June 21, 2019 to enjoy Peter Rabbit, and Friday, August 16, 2019 to see the new Disney favorite Dumbo!

Enjoy a beautiful summer evening in the park with your family! Bring your lawn chairs or blankets and come out for a night of FREE movies and popcorn!

LIKE our Facebook page – Movies Under the Stars – to keep up on movie and weather information. PLEASE SHARE!!!!

Open again | Two days ago, “The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB) welcomed local officials and the public to the grand re-opening of the Fine Wine & Good Spirits at 36 S. 18th St., ColumbiaLancaster County.” – Yahoo News

Ah, summer | Springhettsbury’s Summer Music Schedule ROCKS! 

music in the park

And these places are still operating? Why? | “Decaying mouse in cooler; discarded food; raw chicken on floor, uncovered: York County restaurant inspections”Penn Live


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