Tuesday’s news items [CBHS graduation; Catstock; newspapers; & more] – 6/4/2019

Graduation photos | Columbia High SchoolLancaster Online

Streamed it! | The Columbia Borough School District Website livestreamed (at the Live Feed) and recorded the event on facebook. The procession begins at 1:01 on the recording.

Lousy leadershipFailure at the top: America’s Catholic bishops vowed to remove abusive priests in 2002. In the years that followed, they failed to police themselves.” The Philadelphia Inquirer

Liquor law sales violations | An article in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster shows “Dean Y. Little Beverage Distributor, 1224 Lancaster Ave., Columbia: Sold malt or brewed beverages to persons in the business of selling them illegally.” Also hit with a violation is Hurricane Pizza in West Hempfield Township for “providing alcohol to a minor.”

“Collaborations, not tax breaks | are better for growth”The Boston Globe OPINION


“In the former Soviet Union | old press habits die hard, especially on environmental issues”Nieman Lab [NOTE:  In 2001, the publisher of Columbia news, views & reviews conducted newspaper training in the Republic of Georgia. We found a press that was operating in a post-Soviet world still practicing what the author of this article saw: “Source after source bemoaned what they saw as generally shallow, sparse, misleading and inaccurate coverage of environmental topics. In their view, the legacy of Soviet journalism as a willing propaganda tool of the state lingered.]

“If a newspaper doesn’t make money, it doesn’t have a future …. “ | The words of Dean Singleton, founder and former CEO of Media News Group, in this article, “Now that’s a good story: news revival in Berkshires.”Singleton once owned the York Dispatch and Lebanon Daily News … as well as the Columbia News.


“Why the Inquirer is replacing Philly.comOn the eve of its 190th birthday, the region’s largest newspaper is making a huge online change.”Billy Penn

new look | inquirer.com

“Record Applications | for F&M’s Class of 2023 FandM.edu

Police | “Last resort social workers”Route 50

Oh hell, yeah | “A wealthy televangelist explains his fleet of private jets: ‘It’s a biblical thing’”The Washington Post

Anger mismanagement | “Pa. woman accused of running over man for calling her ‘rude’”PennLive

Don’t play | with pepper spray – The Morning Call

legal notice

At Lancaster Online today | Legal notice about short term rentals. Could not find this LEGAL NOTICE elsewhere.



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