Sunday’s news items, part 2 [summer hurts; “privacy & surveillance”; juggling gem & more] – 7/14/2019


Summer is ER time | This report from Farah & Farah shows:

  • Summer months bring the largest amount of visitors to the Emergency Room for rec vehicle-related injuries; July alone had 25,025 motorized injuries and 80,875 non-motorized injuries
  • Minibikes and water tubing are the top recreational activities resulting in hospitalization for millennials; Mopeds are the top for baby boomers and generation x
  • ATVs are the most dangerous motorized recreational vehicles, resulting in 104,961 ER visits in one year alone; internal head injuries are the most common ATV injury

Privacy & Surveillance | “Today, hundreds of millions of Americans’ personal information is collected by private entities like cellular and internet service providers, as well as by public agencies like motor-vehicle departments. Anonymity in public is diminishing with the pervasive use of surveillance cameras.” – Read more at the Project On Government Oversight (POGO).

15 Lib juggler

Entertaining as all get-out | If you’ve not been part of a Chris Ivy show, come to this Library presentation on tomorrow. Here’s a sneak preview; the guy is a real talent.

Seeking ChiCha volunteers | The Susquehanna Valley Chamber of Commerce notes: “ChiCha is around the corner and we’d love for your help! The Chiques Challenge is scheduled for Saturday, August 10th and we need your helpShifts are available from 6:30 a.m. until about 10:30 a.m. This event is a lot of fun and is exciting to watch. The best part is, you’re done by lunch time!  If you, your friends, family or staff have availability, please contact us at or 717-684-5249.”

random 07-13

Ramdomality pix | random snapshots just because; top left clockwise: Rose’s Deli starts Wing Night; Columbia’s Penn State House; tattered glory; everyone in the family is working on this prep and paint endeavor.

fr4ont back

Front & back | The front and back views of “Mattress Alley” – July 13, 2019

“World Cup 2019 | U.S. Women’s Team wins and leaves the stage as a new kind of American Role Model”The New Yorker


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