Friday’s news items [taxing; planning; learning & more] – 11/15/2019

tax code

Listen up | “How the U.S. tax code makes inequality worse” – Here’s a two-minute audio file from MarketPlace to explain.

dwightdeisenhower quote

OK, so it’s not a battle | Planning for any project, event or battle does command a plan. Mary Wickenheiser, chairperson of Columbia’s Planning Commission, made a pitch at last night’s council budget meeting about the importance of the borough’s comprehensive plan. If you’ve not read Columbia’s plan, it’s at the Borough’s Website.

More on comprehensive plans | “The comprehensive plan is one of the most important tools municipalities and counties can use for land use planning and local governance.” Read more about comprehensive planning here.

Places 2040 | Lancaster County’s comprehensive plan! 

wishin’ & hopin’Dusty flashback

At the borough Website | “Proposed Zoning Amendment – Resources” – A special meeting seeking public input is slated for Monday, December 16, 2019, at 7:00 p.m. Additionally, signs have been posted in the downtown area.

Professional, civil, focused and downright amiable | That’s the impression we drew about last night’s borough council budget meeting that was livestreamed and posted at the borough’s facebook page. Citizens saw none of the vitriol and animus that some would like to see, just serious, enlightening, directed discussion about how to fit all of the needs of a borough’s services into a model that matches expenses with revenue streams. Citizens learned that there’s no borough property tax increase projected for 2020.

Room for disagreement | “New research focused on local government shows that elected officials who engage in arguments over policy are more effective at governing than those who agree on everything.Route Fifty

Thefts arrests | Columbia Borough facebook page

Good news | “PUC Approves Plan for PPL to Distribute Additional $44 Million in Federal Tax Reform Savings to Customers During 2020”news release”Is he the next

“Hitler or merely a grimly amusing new P.T. Barnum?” | “Alarmism Is a Necessity and a Virtue in the Age of Trumpian Attacks on the Foundations of the Republic”Verdict



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