Thursday’s news items – 11/21/2019

Lititz: “Yes.” | “‘opt-in’ for refugees” Lancaster Online

Arrest & molest is OK for now | “PA lawmakers propose legislation banning police from having sexual contact with someone in custody”FOX43-TV

Again? | “Bridge over Route 30 in Mountville hit by vehicle, one week after repair project finishes”WGAL TV8

Uninformed about economics of newspapers |  letter-to-the-editor writer’s letter to the editor: “Not happy with smaller paper”Lancaster Online

marietta exgiv

Less than a day away | The EXTRAordinary GIVE begins – there are lots of events all day long tomorrow, including the “Rising Stars talent show” in Marietta.

$100,000 for a parks study | In another borough The Middletown Press & Journal




  1. I just don’t understand how the truck made it under other Bridges and not the one it hit. Is that bridge lower than the others? Something just doesn’t seem right.

  2. On The “Uninformed about economics of newspapers” Article:

    Even for its own vainglorious hype and lauding about being sustainable in the age of newspaper consolidation, at some point, The LNP is going to be a financial burden to the Steinman Foundation.

    As a young GenX’er, I still enjoy delivery of the Sunday paper and a digital subscription, but, we live in a Millennial Culture. How is this business sustainable long term? Nostalgia? Just like vinyl records? Are they betting on Boomer immortality keeping the business afloat?

    I got an idea to remain relevant:
    Cut out the AP. Cut out the wire services. Is it national and global news? Cut it. Go Hyper local. Localism. From politics to culture. And, yeah, maybe you gotta evaluate this whole “printing press model.”

    The future of the newspaper business is Local.
    Sustained by local readers.

    An interesting article:

  3. I saw a York Daily Record from some day last week and thought how puny it was. Then I saw it’s $2 a copy! If one were to cut out what you have suggested, the YDR could publish a 4 – page rag to the locals. But who would pay $2 to read it?

    Many newspapers are going to three days a week to cut costs. The YDR, like so many other local newspapers is owned by the company that puts out that not so good paper called USA Today, and the YDR looks a lot like it.

    Electronic media is far outstripping newsprint.

  4. In England, when you buy Fish ‘n Chips, it’s wrapped in newsprint. If newspapers go out of business, what will the F & C restaurants do?

  5. Mr. B … there’s more about the demise of news for those newspapers as the ones in York and Lebanon in today’s post.

    Take a look at the claimed circulation numbers:

    YORK DAILY RECORD/YORK SUNDAY NEWS YORK 10,724 16,677 -35.7% -19.8%

    YORK DISPATCH YORK 7,556 9,495 -20.4% -10.8%

    It’s alarming that a city with a population of over 44,000 and a county with a population of over 448,000 has a publication of record with the measly circulation of just over 18,000 daily newspaper circulation.

    Particularly alarming when the Commonwealth does not insist on full transparency and robustness in the municipal websites for all the cities, boroughs, townships, school districts. Hell, this information desert is what happens in all dictator led nations. Keep them in the dark and feed them bullshit takes on a whole new, and scary, meaning.

  6. “Ignorance is bliss,” and “Nobody knows the trouble I see.” And of course, there is “Keep them stupid.” Most local newspapers used to publish information about candidates for weeks before elections. You don’t see that anymore. In fact, how many newspapers publish the results of local elections? Who can tell you the names of their state Reps and Senators? How about the county commissioners, the school board, the major, etc.? Watch out, America, our democracy could disappear.

  7. You’re being optimistic; WILL DISAPPEAR is far more likely. At least, the way we now know (or perceive) it.

  8. I agree with WILL DISAPPEAR. I cite the firing of the Secretary of the Navy, along with Trump’s pardoning of Navy Seal Gallagher as examples of Trump’s overreach for power as examples.

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