Monday’s news items [meeting tonight; an opinion; sending the very worst; the greatest generation & more] – 12/16/2019

Closing | Long time Park City store, Motherhood Maternity, will close; part of nationwide bankruptcy. – Lancaster Online

Hallmark | When you’re hypocritical enough to send the very worst. “Perhaps you heard last week that the conservative group One Million Moms persuaded the Hallmark Channel to drop an ad featuring a lesbian kiss. But Hallmark is engaging in some blatantly hypocritical business practices. While the channel has deemed a gay wedding and kiss unfit for television, Hallmark Cards has no problem pulling in revenue by selling — get this — gay wedding cards.”– The Boston Globe


The one unanswered question | on this issue: The Legal Notice concerning tonight’s (December 16) meeting contains answers to some of the questions:

What: Special Hearing Notice

When: Monday, December 16, 2019, at 7:00 p.m.

Where: Columbia Borough School District’s Administration Building located at 200 North Fifth Street, Columbia, Pennsylvania

How: Special Meeting (not stated whether the meeting will be livestreamed by the borough; last Wednesday’s Zoning Hearing Meeting was not.)

WHO:  Concerned Columbia citizens

WHY: What’s the answer to this question?

Gone — another “greatest generation” unsung heroine | “The forgotten nurse who saved hundreds of American lives during the Battle of the Bulge” – “Students of history know that adversity and dread can turn on a dime into freedom and change, and it’s often the most humble and little-known individuals who are the drivers of it.” – Task & Purpose

AN OPINION: Once again | As one of the 2.6 million persons who was was in the military in Vietnam during the extended period the U.S. was engaged in hostilities there, we have often opined about the insanity of starting something without having an end-game vision. The lame-brained elected public servants who act on our behalf in the US Congress really need to be replaced. These “bought and paid for” jack-offs have to start remembering the costs of war. Recent revelations (for some) that the interventionist incursions into the middle east in Iraq and in Afghanistan were done WITH NO REAL PLANS. NO REAL UNDERSTANDING OF WHO THE ENEMY WAS. AND NO REAL PLAN.

The extended military foibles in Vietnam did not serve as a model. The 10-year Soviet War in Afghanistan did not serve as a model. President and General Dwight Eisenhower’s dire warning as he left the office of the Presidency did not serve as a model. How effing stupid are these pretenders we send to DC? How stupid are we Americans to allow this insanity to continue again and again and again?

In 2011, Columbia news, views & reviews posted this: “Opinion: Hey Congress, before you think about the next war …”

On the evening of September 11, 2001, in a nation in the Caucuses, we told two colleagues (one from Great Britain; the other, from Denmark) that the United States would over-react to the events of that fateful day. We did. The hastily planned “Operation Enduring Freedom” would commence just over a month later.

It’s time to start electing the right people into office; it’s time to HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE. It’s time to start throwing the incompetent, morally bankrupt ones out of office. When these elected public servants stop serving the interests of the people they represent — ethically and morally — THROW THEM OUT!

Thank you, Bill | We’re saddened to read the obituary notice of one of our colleagues, long-time Intelligencer-Journal editor, Bill Cody. Bill was another unsung role model from “the greatest generation.”

Consolidation? Downsizing? Rightsizing? | Or maybe just survival as “Pittsburgh diocese to merge 26 parishes into 8 next year”WITF

A slew of notices | Today’s LEGAL NOTICES in LNP – Always Lancaster contain the 2020 meeting dates for a bunch of municipalities and school districts across the County.


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