Wednesday’s news items [just awesome; music counts; Columbia obituaries; debt stressed & more] – 12/18/2019

Awesome | “World Cup Jupiter, a special-needs cheerleading team in Lancaster County, is ‘like a family’ “Lancaster Online

Music counts | “Low-income districts find ways to help students make music” The Hechinger Report

Less snap | “The Ripple Effects of Taking SNAP Benefits From One Person”Route Fifty

Columbia obituaries | Mildred E. MortonElizabeth C. Graham

New Year's at Noon 12.31.19

Chevy  or Ford? | No question here. Clearly a Ford fan.Quarryville Police Department CrimeWatch 

STILL WAITINGCitizens are still waiting for the video from the Monday night special meeting and re-zoning hearing. SOURCE: screen print Columbia Borough facebook page


Debt stressed | “Over 40% of Consumers in Some States Have Delinquent Household Debt, Data Indicate”Route Fifty

Europe’s ahead | “Market concentration and low competition has become the new normal in America”MarketPlace

festive-names“There are many holiday-sounding places in the U.S. For example, more than a dozen places have Holly in their names, including Mount Holly, N.C. (population 16,135), and Holly Springs, Miss. (7,652). There’s also Snowflake, Ariz. (5,858); Santa Claus, Ind. (2,410); North Pole, Alaska (2,113); Noel, Mo. (1,833); and — if you know about reindeer — Dasher, Ga. (1,004), and Rudolph, Wis. (422). There is also Unity, Ore. (68).” – SOURCE: US Census Bureau






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