Sunday’s news items [the last Sunday of 2019; What will the world look like in 2030? & more] – 12/29/2019

Grinch in Wrightsville | Or is it the taste police messing with this Christmas display?ABC-27 News

Speaking of police | East Pete finds more affordable police protectionABC-27 News

world in 2030

in 2030 | Ten years from now, what will the world look like? What will Columbia look like? In this New York Times piece, “The Times asked 13 public figures for their predictions on the best and worst to come.” In Columbia, well, that’s an open topic. Citizens may recall that there have been a series of purported “public input sessions” of Columbia’s Comprehensive plan project spearheaded by Jeffrey Helm, Zoning and Planning Officer of the Borough of Columbia. Recently Mary Wickenheiser, chairperson of Columbia’s Planning Commission, made a pitch at a council budget meeting about the importance of the borough’s comprehensive plan that looks ahead, too.

1995 comp planThe 1995 Comprehensive Plan with updates (Comprehensive Plan 2014) is posted at the Borough Website.

OPINION | “Penn State had the better team, but Memphis will always have the better story”The Commercial-Appeal, Memphis, TN

Buckeyes out | of the search for a national title; it’ll be Clemson vs. LSUSporting News

The Church’s view of transparency | “Hundreds of accused clergy left off church’s sex abuse lists”The Inquirer




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