Monday’s news items [new year coming, new laws; police logs; Death Cafe; & more] – 12/30/2019

That’s your wish? | Lancaster’s mayor’s wishes for 2020 includes “a lift on the ban on police radar.”– Lancaster Online

Reasonable zoning change? | New Holland’s borough council’s going to be considering  “allowing the posting of business or industrial signs including without limitation electronic signs in several of their zoning districts” according to a legal notice in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster.

In Columbia, though | According to the Borough code, those signs are not allowed. “§ 220-53 Prohibited signs. The following signs are prohibited in all zoning districts: Flashing, blinking, twinkling, animated or moving signs of any type, except time and temperature signs may flash. In addition, flashing lights visible from a street shall not be used to attract attention to a business. This restriction specifically includes window signs …” Funny thing is that there are nearly a dozen of them around town (that includes more than a half dozen on one block of a main street. If it’s a code or a law, enforce it. If you do not want to enforce it, get it off the books.OpenSignNeonLight

What do police do? | The daily police log shows the police do a lot. Here’s the December 28-29 Northern Lancaster County Regional Police Department Daily Event Log“This information is provided from automated records systems of the Lancaster County Wide Communications for NLCRPD police dispatch. This release complies with the statutory standards below: Notwithstanding any other law, in a response to a request under the act of February 14, 2008 (P.L. 6, No. 3), known as the Right-to-Know Law, NLCRPD may not release individual identifying information of an individual calling a 911 center, victim or witness. HEALTH AND SAFETY (35 PA.C.S.) – PROHIBITED RELEASE OF INFORMATION act of May. 24, 2016, P.L. 228, No. 30 Cl. 35 -As used in this section, the term “identifying information” includes name, telephone number and home address.  The term does not include: (1) The location of the incident, unless the location is the caller’s, victim’s or witness’s home address or the disclosure of the location would compromise the identity of the caller, victim or witness. (2) The street block identifier, the cross street or the mile marker nearest the scene of the incident, which shall be public.”

And another | This is Manheim Township’s daily event log for December 27 released by the Township’s Police Department’s Public Information Officer.

Homes for sale in Columbia: a fluid number | Zillow shows 69Trulia shows 90 (but some of them are outside the borough borders) • shows 59 (here, too, some of them are outside the borough borders) • LancasterPAHomeSearch shows 24

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  1. I think Lancaster should worry more about setting proper speed limits, which means the 85th percentile. They are causing their own problems over there.

  2. Agree; but this is another case of “guv’mint as usual.” Anything but governance for the citizens.

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