Tuesday’s news items [it’s the last day of 2019; real steals & deals; Farm Show news & more] – 12/31/2019

Good deal | Finally, after a year with no government, this Pennsylvania borough has a council and a mayor – it will begin to function again.The Morning Call

stolen vehicles

Real steals | The Northern Lancaster Regional Police Department CrimeWatch Report shows the department’s recovered stolen vehicles at the Manheim Auto Auction.

Another real steal | Lancaster County judge gets wrist slap. – Lancaster Online

  • One comment following the article: “Congratulations to the Judicial Conduct Board in completing their 6 month investigation that should have taken 6 min. Just another sweet heart deal for a corrupt Pennsylvania judge.”
  • Another: “It is discouraging to see the status quo continues regarding the treatment of powerful, wealthy ‘accomplished’ white privileged individuals as opposed to poor, minority and less ‘fortunate’ individuals in situations like this. This is shameful!”

Real deal | The 104th Pennsylvania Farm Show. January 4 – 11, 2020.

Not a real deal | It’s free to attend the Farm Show; it’s not free to park Penn Live

Still king | “High school football injuries can have lifelong consequences. For many families in Pennsylvania, the sport is worth the risk”WITF

Good news; sad news | This WITF article (“Life in recovery from opioid addiction can be ‘beyond your wildest dreams’”) is so replete with hope and accomplishment for one person. Today, though, we are attending a funeral for a friend’s young 26 year old son whose struggles with addiction and recovery attempts ended tragically.

“New Year | New job opportunities from US Postal Service” – There are local job fairs. – FOXTV-43

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