Tuesday’s news items, part 2 [rising oil prices; CommUNITY; library events & more] – 1/7/2020

Double | Yep, that’s what some are saying about oil prices (subsequently gas prices will spike) will be the outcome of the “mob hit.”MarketPlace


It’s what “community” means | The above post at the facebook page, You know you’re from Columbia PA if …, is truly the meaning of community. There’s unity in community! It’s not us versus “those people.!

“total of seven smoke detectors by code” | “Officials investigate why smoke detector did not sound during deadly fire in Lancaster County.”FOX43-TV

Honored | “POTUS honors midstate veteran, last known survivor of World War II massacre”ABC27-TV – Harold Billow, one of two remaining survivors of the Malmedy Massacre during the Battle of the Bulge in December 1944, was the guest speaker at the Columbia 11-11-11 event in 2015. – Columbia news, views & reviews

More change | In Delaware County – “At their first meeting, the newly-elected members took small steps towards some of their campaign promises, which included increasing transparency, providing greater oversight of the privately-controlled county jail and ending the political patronage machine they say came with decades of single-party leadership.” – WITF 

Not only in Columbia | “Women filling more elected roles in ReadingWFMZ69-TV

Census 2020 Travis Lehr Jan 2020 tues - friday

Middle School Book Club - Divergent - 1.8.20



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