Tuesday’s news items, part 2 [trifecta; fleeing high taxes & more] – 1/28/2020


Some trifecta | Coming to Camp Hill next weekFOX43-TV

Filling Florida | “Pennsylvania and N.J. residents flee high taxes by relocating to South Florida”The Inquirer

Aw, chuck it! | “Penn State study finds average household throws away 30 percent of food it buys”WITF

Got ’er done | Private enterprise “with zero financial support from the federal government” built this. – NPR

Do you want to become a millionaire | Here’s your chance. We got this email this morning and want to share it with you:

“Dear Friend, My name is Wayne Gibbs. I have 42 million United States Dollars coming from USA to Dubai. I am looking for an investor who can assist in the clearance and investment of the funds. This funds is 100% legal and free from all encumbrances. For your perusal, the funds can be confirmed in person, once the investor is ready. If you are interested, kindly email me so I can furnish you with more information. Warm Regards, Wayne Gibbs”





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