Sunday’s news items [food inspections; meetings; new store opens & more] – 2/9/2020

Restaurant and food serving establishments inspections | In Columbia:


Tuesday evening @ 7:00 pm | Here’s the Columbia Borough Council Meeting  Packet

“‘So tragic’ | Volunteer firefighter shortage threatens Pa. traditions and public safety”WITF

third street vintage3

New store opens in town | Third Street Vintage: A fun shop filled with vintage & modern women’s, little girls and gender neutral apparel, awesome oddities, original art and hand crafted goods. Located in the heart of the Susquehanna’s historical mini city, Columbia.”

Yesterday, across The River | People ran into the Susquehanna Riverto raise awareness and money for the York County Special Olympics. – FOX43-TV

i believe

Image may contain: possible text that says 'I've never seen Jennifer Lopez naked. I have never seen Shakira naked. I have seen the first lady of the United States of America naked. Enough with the phony outrage, please.'

Outrage | from a facebook page

Not a revelation | “The Game is Rigged” with look-alike parties. – CounterPunch

Political campaigning is expensive | for communitiesThe Inquirer

The sleazy nature of Congress | “Congress quietly adopts EXXON MOBILE backed law promoting new gas pipeline and arms to Cyprus” – The Intercept

Not even a question | This Atlantic Magazine article asks,”Are the courts beginning to move in favor of Trump’s immigration policies? Remember what Hitler did: First, control the courts.

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