Letters-to-the-editors: power corrupts & no local radar

letter to the editor

Two letters to the editor | actually. These “logical ideas” will get pushback by those elected public servants who are elected to represent constituents logically. Why, because the elected public servants are being cajoled into following the mantra of taking care of themselves and finding ways to capture more citizen money.

The first is in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster | and the writer lays out some pretty logical ideas to “reduce or practically eliminate all property tax.” So, because they’re logical, the idea will fall on deaf ears in Harrisburg.

LOGICAL IDEA 1Click on the graphic to read the logical idea.

The second was sent to Columbia news, views & reviews | This letter writer contends that handing radar to local police is not a safety issue, rather it’s a money-grabbing idea no matter what local elected public servants and law enforcement say.


unraveling radar


  1. From an article in the Washington Post: One mayor put it this way, “If you don’t want to pay a fine, you drive the speed limit, it’s not hard to avoid going 12 miles over the speed limit. It’s a simple matter of following the traffic laws.”

  2. Speed limits are supposed to tell drivers that this is the MAXIMUM SPEED with optimal road conditions. They are set to protect ALL people, drivers and passengers.

    In this age of speeding up everything we do in life, we need to slow down and enjoy life.

  3. Local police should be just that – local. They have no business on interstate highways(Rte. 30, e.g., is not only interstate but also goes all the way from the East coast to the West coast.) There business is to protect the citizens who pay them to keep the streets and neighborhoods of their town or city safe from crime.

    As for radar, local cops should not have it. State Troopers could be more present on the highways and ticket more violators, particularly of really high speeds. Have you ever driven on Rte. 78 from PA into NJ? Unless you were going well over the posted speed and couldn’t read the sign as you entered NJ, you may be interested in knowing what it reads: Essentially, “Fines doubled for each mile an hour over the speed limit.” I remember the first time I took Rte. 78 into NJ and read the sign, about 17 cars, all with NJ license plates, passed me traveling at leas 15 to 20 mph over the speed limit! Perhaps PA could post such signs here in PA. Of course, many drivers will ignore the signs, but I believe they would be effective overall.

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