Wednesday’s news items [Columbia’s girls basketball stars recognized; resignation; police reports & more] – 2/26/2020

sb meeting resignationNotice in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster

“board needed at least one woman” | Oh, gee, there’s a statement that is mis-informed. While equity (gender, racial, cultural, experiential, educational, age-related, and other considerations) ought to be exactly that —neutral — for a seated elected public servant to say something like this is, well, tokenism. The statement about a woman on the board comes from this Lancaster Online article about the packed-house Pequea Township Supervisor’s meeting.

Columbia’s super star athletes honored  | Morgan Bigler, Audreanna Frazier and MacKenzie Burke receive Lancaster-Lebanon League basketball accolades, click here and here.– Lancaster Online

rapscallion | This word is used in this Los Angeles Times report about last night’s “whatever-the-hell-that-was- excuse) for a political debate. It’s so seldom used; here’s what it means. Wonder whether there are any rapscallions running around here.

mt police report

Columbia’s listed | in the Lititz Borough Police Department Annual Report.

This police department connects with community | With CrimeWatch headline grabbers like these (PURLOINING PAIR STRIKES TARGET! WHO ARE THESE CREDIT CARD CROOKS?; VALENTINE’S DAY SHOPLIFTER ‘WALKS OFF’ WITH $74 IN SOCKS! HELP US SOLVE THIS CUPID CAPER!; SELF CHECKOUT SHAM AT WALMART! HELP US ID THIS CASH BACK CROOK!), this police department resonates with its citizens.

Letter-to-the-editor | “Drivers: The push is on to arm Pennsylvania municipal police with RADAR guns: Speed Trap Bill SB 607.

Consider this: red light cameras were the stepping stone to speed cameras.

Red light cameras were supposed to make Roosevelt Boulevard safer. Philadelphia Police Department research found that the cameras increased accidents. [The Philadelphia Police Department doesn’t get any revenue from red light cameras.] The government’s reaction to their red light cameras failure (the cameras are a huge success at raising money: $1 million/camera/year) is to double down and put in speed cameras. Many studies show that speed cameras increase accidents. So much for camera-enforcement-for-profit efforts to make the Boulevard safer.

Consider this: RADAR is being sold as a godsend to stop all the “speeding.” People are not “speeding.” They are driving reasonable and prudent speeds to get safely from point A to point B. Yet, officials want RADAR to enforce the unsafe low limits they post: low in order to make it easy to ticket safe drivers. They want your money.

RADAR will be the stepping-stone to speed cameras on every road where the limit is set below the safe speeds people drive every day. That’s 90% of the roads you drive safely every day (FHwA data), except now you will be ticketed for your “criminal” behavior. Not for safety but to get your money.

RADAR is a disease masquerading as its own cure.

Tell your Representative and Senator to vote NO on Speed Trap Bill SB 607.

– Tom McCarey

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