Wednesday’s news items [COVID-19 spread & more] – 2/18/2020

covid cases

What spread looks like | Number of reported COVID-19 cases reported in Pennsylvania by the Department of Health since March 7.

“Isn’t Street Cleaning ‘non-essential’ business??” | That’s the question asked by one person at a local facebook group. The post has drawn 61 comments so far; most of the comments questioned the Borough’s practice that’s since been changed to “All nonessential street work such as Meter Enforcement and Street Sweeping will be suspended until further notice effective 03/18/2020.”

news release | “PennDOT Closes All Driver, Photo License Centers, Extends Expiration Dates and Suspends Construction in Response to COVID-19” 

Lots of letters | Today’s LNP – Always Lancaster‘s letters-to-the-editor are holding the current administration in Wonderland accountable … finally. There’s also this letter-to-the-editor from the executive director of the Pennsylvania Licensed Beverage and Tavern Association: “AN OPEN LETTER TO PENNSYLVANIA BARS AND RESTAURANTS CONCERNING COVID-19.”

“Coronavirus Sanity Guide (FREE) | In times like these, we need practical, actionable ways of coping with stress, fear, and anxiety. The meditations, podcasts, blog posts, and talks on this page will help you build resilience and find some calm amidst the chaos. We’re adding more resources as they’re created – so keep checking back. Please share this page widely. These resources are free for all.


  1. If you would like to see the up-to-the-minute statistics of the spread of the coronavirus/COVID-19, go to the following site: ncov2019.Live.

  2. Thanks, Mr. B. The site is well crafted; particularly since it’s the purported work of “Avi Schiffmann, a high schooler in Washington State, USA” who claims to capture data from global sources.

    Betcha’ we have really smart high schoolers in Columbia who could have put up a really good Website for the borough, too. In a whole lot less time than it’s taking the borough to accomplish the task.

    • Brian, watch yesterday’s Democracy Now! show to see and listen to Avi Schiffmann and learn more before you discredit this young man.

      • Rich, I hope I didn’t discredit Mr. Schiffman. Because you’ve been reading Columbia news, view & reviews for a while, you know that I’ve been a rabid supporter of the world’s younger people. They’re smart and perceptive and undervalued.

        I’ve read the interview with Mr. Schimman and encourage others to read it too ( This young man gets it.

        I’d vote in a heartbeat to have him and others like him to replace morons as Lindsay Graham, Mitch McConnell and their ilk.

        Starting tomorrow, Mr. Schiffman’s Coronavirus Update will be on this Website every day until this pandemic is declared over.

  3. Thanks, Mr. Long, We must all do as much as we can to educate people about this incredible cororonavirus and the disease caused by it – COVID-19.

    While watching CNN after midnight early this morning, a doctor said “We all have to behave as though we have the virus.” Speculation is that the virus could last 18 months. Yesterday, New York City cases jumped by 1,200 + in a day.York County now has had at least two cases. President Trump finally understands, it would seem, the crisis, as he has invoked war powers and also the Defense Production Act. The DPA was used in WWII to use companies to quickly build necessary things. Then they built planes, bullets, etc. Now they shall be creating such things as respirators, ventilators and other things this so-called US medical system should have had well before this pandemic. STAY SAFE ALL WHO READ THIS!

    • Wish that was true “President Trump finally understands … ”

      The DIC has no clue about the severity of this pandemic.

  4. Yes, you are correct. He doesn’t understand, but Mother Nature’s coronavirus/COVID-19 and actually some of his advisers are putting the pressure on this great perfect CEO to take the advice of science, especially since the stock market is now below where this clown started the masquerade of POTUS. Even his supporters might actually see who this charlatan is. If his base gives up on him, he won’t be re-elected. One can only hope!

    • So our salvation is an old political hack whose cognitive abilities are those of a three year old.

      • Tough to tell, Mr. D … this is, as 2016 was, a time when look-alike parties are presenting look-alike candidates. Both are old political hacks with limited cognitive abilities.

  5. In his “Afterword” to John Barry’s 2004 book, “The Great Influenza: The story of the deadliest pandemic in history”, John Barry writes:, “For if there is a single dominant lesson from 1918, it’s that governments need to tell the truth in a crisis. Risk communication implies managing the truth. You don’t manage the truth. You tell the truth.

    “So the final lesson of 918, a simple one yet the most difficult to execute, is that those who occupy positions of authority must lessen the panic that can alienate all within a society. Society cannot function if it is every man for himself.

    “Those in authority must retain the public’s trust. The way to do that is to distort nothing, to put the best face on nothing, to try to manipulate no one. Lincoln said that first, an best.

    “ A leader must make whatever horror exists concrete. Only then will people be able to break it apart.”

    So, Mr. D … you hit the nail on the head.

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