“In a pandemic, the rich and the powerful go to the front of the line” – The Boston Globe

rich to the front of the lineThe Keefe family (from left), Brian, Mary, and Michael.

by Kevin Cullen

As each day passed, and he waited for the results from a test for COVID-19, Brian Keefe had to stay away from his dying son, Michael.

“’Dad,’ Michael, a special needs teacher, would say, trying to hold onto a sense of humor and humanity, ‘when are you going to be out of your “time out?”’

“But a week dragged by, with no results.

“A dying son pining for his father in one room. The father, dying a little bit himself every day, in another.

“‘I haven’t been able to hug him or kiss him for a week, and I don’t how many more days I’ll have him,’ Brian Keefe told me over the phone, from the condo in Salem where he lives with his wife, Mary, and Michael. ‘Hospice was supposed to start for Michael on Tuesday, but they won’t come as long as I am in quarantine.’”

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