Sunday’s news items [Palm Sunday; Passover; food inspection & more] – 4/5/2020

It’s so sad | to read the obituary notices in LNP – Always Lancaster. Sad, because, given the current state of the world nearly all of the funeral services and life celabrations are being delayed until future dates.

“essential, extraordinary people” | “Opinion: Seen And Remembered: Our Essential Workers”NPR

Today | Christians celebrate Palm Sunday. Jews celebrate “Pesach 2020 (Passover) falls out at sundown on Wednesday, April 8, and ends at nightfall on Thursday, April 16.

Recent food inspection | Weis Markets

Devastation | The lead article in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster‘s Business Section is simply entitled, “Ravaged.” The article is about the wreckage that is the scenario in Lancaster County’s hopitality and hotel industry. “Nothing in my hotel life comes close to this, and I’ve been in business since 1986. … It’s like somebody shut the faucet off almost overnight,” said Steve Sikking, managing partner of Eden Resort & Suites and general partner of Fulton Steamboat Inn.” Many in the industry are “ … actually very worried about … whether the business is going to be there.”

Opinion | Columnist, POTUS supporter and FOX news contributor Mark Thiessen writes this in this column, “A pandemic is a lot like a forest fire: If caught early, it might be extinguished with limited damage; if allowed to smolder undetected, it can grow to an inferno that spreads quickly beyond our ability to control it.”

prophetic opening line | in this Washington Post article: “By the time Donald Trump proclaimed himself a wartime president — and the coronavirus the enemy — the United States was already on course to see more of its people die than in the wars of Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq combined.”

modern family

Good bye and thank you | What a great cover story! LNP – Always Lancaster’s TV section cover photo is super as it announces the series finale of a terrific TV series. This “modern family” is defining and its “family” will be missed.

facing reality | Saying it twice: “There’s going to be a lot of death, unfortunately. There will be a lot of deaths.”NPR







  1. Democrats were the ones who said he was over reacting with His Ban on China travel. Trump is the one fixing there negligence. Trump Rules for 4 1/2 more Years Thank God for sending us our Savior.

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